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About Gorgeous You: Releasing resistance to gorgeous body — Russian Translation

Are you willing to have a gorgeous body?

Truth… absolute truth… Are you really willing to have a gorgeous body you are asking for? If you don’t misinterpret ‘wanting to have’ as ‘willing to have’, you may really be surprised at your response to this question.
There is No one else can stop you from having all that you desire but you. In this call let us look at the resistance you have for having a body you desire and gently release it.
We’ll also create the energy & space for you to sculpt the body you desire. I will be using the techniques from numerous modalities I have learnt and also the light key system that I channeled to move the group from limitation to empowerment.
Willingness is the first step for creation. If you are not willing to have what you desire, who else will create it for you?

In this call, Nila leads the group to release their limitations using her extensive experience with numerous modalities and nudge them towards choosing something greater with her playful style.

❤️ Some of the feedback received after the call:

Thank you so much Nirmala Ma’am for the wonderful call. Thank you so for all the clearings and blessings ?????????”

If you are a facilitator... you should be on this call.
If you are asking for something greater... you should be on this call
If you wish to have your world split wide open...you should be on this call.
If you... (whatever) You should be on this call.
I am happy and grateful that I chose it.
You can still join in..

So we had Awsome class call 1 resistance buster, we had different group energy than any other The Nila CLASS? I am being one of those who are consistently following Nila's work from Dec 19 Mumbai class and group coaching classes in earlier months have been my favorites as they flow multiple ways many tools techniques like Pav bhaji lot of ingredients contributing to tasty outcome however this call was way beyond all that, lot of new energies, techniques, one can apply to anything not just relevant to weight loss. You can still join the full series if you are brave to see the truth, today when I was writing my answers I was like do I have so much to release even after so many years work I have done on myself and guess what I actually did release except 0.5 portion ? So who all want to join this adventure?

If you are in perfect shape and u don't need to loose weight you should join to see what else can u change about your body and being

My intensity was 10 and it came down to 0 . It was too intense for me , am feeling much lighter than ever felt in last 12yrs. Thank you so much Nila di


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  • Video and audio recording.
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