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About Light Medicine Journey

"Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies" – Albert Einstein

Light medicine is about transforming and transmuting the energy through light key frequencies and processes in order to create light and lightness across the body. This is a journey of developing a body to be a vehicle of light on the planet.

Experiencing Light Medicine, in the order specified, would help your body get cleansed of impurities, organs detoxed (removal of foreign elements included), whole body regenerated and revitalised. Would you like to gift this wholistic experience to your body and being?

Invite you to experience this via remote healing, at the comfort of your house.

What happens when you purchase this?

  • You will have to send us a photo of the person who would like to receive and your timezone, please.
  • On Nila’s guidance, the facilitators will work on the receiver using light keys, frequencies and processes on the recipient’s body, to bring more peace and calm to their mind.
  • Post each session, you will receive the feedback on how the session was received.

Note: On purchase, you will also receive an email with detailed instructions.

Light Medicine: Body Reset

(40 mins)

💖 Cost: $66
💖 Description:

Light Key frequencies invoked on the recipient’s body to release acquired impurities and reset itself to a state of purity, the being and body desires.

Light Medicine: Detox

(40 mins)

💖 Cost: $75
💖 Description:

Light Key elements invoked on the recipient’s body to remove foreign elements and imprints from the body, at the cellular and DNA level.

Light Medicine: Regeneration

(40 mins)

💖 Cost: $75
💖 Description:

Light Key elements invoked on the recipient’s body in order to allow the body to regenerate the degenerated parts of the body selectively or as a whole. Best received with the half-empty stomach.

Light Medicine: Revitalization

(30 mins)

💖 Cost: $55
💖 Description:

Light Key elements invoked on the recipient’s body in order to allow the body to revitalize the body elements . Best received  with half-empty stomach. Suggest to keep your body well-hydrated.

You can chose individual experience, as well, from our Remote healing page

💖 Couple of the many feedback received:

"They are really amazing..My friend got rid of her C-section severe back pain which was their since past 1.5 yrs, in just one health reset session. Her feedback 'Feeling better coz my arm was paining like hell...even I was literally started crying...but today when I wake was pretty much better" this feedback was after the session, after few days she sent msg "No more back and arm pain" (10-0 now) greatful to her for being willing to receive:innocent::sparkles:"

"My mom had lots of pain in her body and used to complaint all the time, but suddenly as you mentioned about the Light Medicine --Detoxyfying of body healing . I spoke to her and she was very receptive and she felt a great relief in her body, she was feeling lighter and she slept like a baby in the afternoon for nearly 3 hrs and woke up fresh nd with a smiling face. Thank you enough for the amazing healing and Magic that you create."

You can make INR payment through Google Pay to the number 7411607870

(After making the payment, please inform your name and email id to the same number in WhatsApp or send the information to

Feel free to write to us for any further queries on
Disclaimer: This product is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this product cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught in this product.