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About Consultation 30 min – couple

Nila’s consultations can either be in person or over phone/skype. Suitable energy healing techniques from her tool kit are also used as needed to address client’s concerns in any area of their lives – physical, emotional, financial and spiritual. Root causes of specific conditions such as fear, anxiety, pain, stress, illness, debt can also be cleared with ease and joy, as per client’s choice. Some simple self-healing techniques and processes may also be shared in the session as necessary so that clients can continue their healing process on their own. Nila also helps the clients to bring the entities they may have in their body to their awareness and clears them with ease, joy and glory! What do you know/not know about the entities you may have? How can Nila be a contribution to your awareness? Nila helps many healers and light workers to clear the energy they tend to absorb from other people and buy them as their own. Having gone thro’ the same process herself, Nila is very effective in contributing to raising the consciousness of people who are in similar situation. Many healers have reported that they have gained much clarity and confidence in their life and work after a session with Nila.