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This product is created from the class conducted by Nila on 6th April 2021.
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About Anger Release with Light Keys

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Has anger ever filled you so completely that you felt you’d explode? Are you feeling consumed by it? Do you feel out of control? Or have you internalized your anger that manifests as health issues?

Would you like to choose this call with Nila to learn a very simple way to release the anger energy and set yourself free?

In this group coaching call, Nila leads the group to let go of the anger using Light Keys. This call has created tremendous shifts for the participants. Are you ready to set yourself free too?

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught.

💖 Feedback:

" Anger Release session was truly amazing. I didn't realise I had years and years of suppressed anger stored within me since I was a little girl. It was as if underneath this mask of kindness was such an angry little girl. A huge realisatiion that the person I was being most unkind to by  suppressing all the anger was me.  Two of the 3 people I worked on releasing the anger with spoke to me in the kindest ,warmest way...infact I approached them from a space of love and true Kindness. Thank you Nila for Being Magical and for unveiling the magic within us with your teachings and facilitation.."

"Nila, I am so grateful for yesterday’s Anger Release classs. It was amazing ......
As a person .... I have always come across as cool n calm. However I have always acknowledged that I have had suppressed anger issues coz have been struggling with piles and haemorrhoid since quite sometime..... as soon as the class started .... my sensations in that region started working too ..... after a while it was ease n peace in that region.
Gradually felt my Root chakra churning .... and as the class progressed all 3 lower chakras were feeling peaceful and in harmonyNila ..... you make Everything so much EASE  ..... that Yes the next day it’s always Calm ...... it’s as if the Storm was also sooo much fun :grin::grin:"

" Yesterday's Anger release was "The Amazing" I was thinking I have done so much self work and I am not angry as such about anything. But the excercises brought hidden layers of suppressed anger I wasn't considering. My body was with me and did not do any much drama while releasing it. I didn't have much of wow something happened other than few awarenesses. But today I am observing I feel very different. I feel so unaffected by anything. So much content feeling and calmness. Love every bit of my journey with Nila and light key classes. What more magic can we create together?"

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