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This product is created from the call conducted by Nila on 06th May 2021.
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About Exponentialize Your Receiving

As babies, we receive infinitely from everyone and everything, and as we grow up, we start applying filters and limit our receiving.

Ask your self if you are willing to receiving from a homeless person, a sex worker, a child, a thief? You must have said at least 'No' twice.

Are you willing to receive more money than you can ever imagine? Are you willing to receive abundant money for doing nothing? Most of us might have at least a small pinch.

These are the kinds of filters that limits you from receiving anything and everything. Any filter is a wall between you and the universe.

Join Nila, in this coaching call to knock down these walls and receive exponentially from this infinite universe!

❤️ Pre-requisite:

  • None.

You can make INR payment through Google Pay to the number 7411607870

(After making the payment, please inform your name and email id to the same number in WhatsApp or send the information to team@infinitehealing.co.uk)

❤️ Product Inclusion:

  • Worksheet.
  • Video and audio recordings.(Duration: 1 hour 05 Mins)

❤️ Some shares from people who have experienced previous group coaching calls:

"Nila, my mind is reeling with the meditation you took us through.This was the best gift I’ve ever had in my life.How do I thank you enough?Waiting for more magic. You have shown me how magical I am. "

"Dear Nila, I'm so grateful. Thank you for this wonderful session, what an amazing contribution 🙏🏻✨💕"

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught.
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