Some shocking truths about yourself?

Some shocking truths about yourself?

How are you doing?
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Are you killing your body?

As you may be aware, we are doing a series called ‘Gorgeous You’. It attracted many people who like to lose weight – naturally. However, I am so surprised to see the significance of looking slim, at any cost. That brought up so many questions in me that sound very interesting. If you are absolutely honest with yourself while responding to these questions, perhaps, you will find some shocking truths

1) If there is no one else in the world, except you, would you still like to look slim? If yes, move on to the next question. If no, then who are you trying to satisfy? How many people now? How many people later? Are you enjoying satisfying these many people? Do you have the energy to live your life?

2) How do you define slim? Whose definition is that? When did they create? Is it still relevant? Why is it still relevant to you?

3) In order to be slim, how much are you killing your body? Which part of your body are you rejecting? Is it being a contribution to your life on earth?

What did you find? These questions will bring out the truth about the limitations you have set around your body and why it is so hard to have a loving relationship with the body and create it the way you like, with ease.

Well, these are the kinds of questions I am going to be asking in the next ‘Gorgeous You’ call on Thursday. We’ll bring out the misconceptions about the body weight and transmute them to create more lightness. Like Sunita, you might find instant reduction in size or like Reena, absolutely fall in love with your body- right away! Everyone responds differently…. Join us to find out:

You can still buy the other 3 calls you missed and receive the lightlogue for ‘Gorgeous You’ channelled by Nila.

Light medicine basic course was received very well. See what Priti says:
This class is really awesome. Many things are opening up for me with respect to my body. More aware with my own and other people’s body as well.. feeling light, fitting into previous clothes with ease…Thank you Nila di”

The seed for this 4-level course started with one sweet process of connecting with earth which is taught in the Light key Intermediate course. It is so simple yet so potent and opened me up to all sorts of miracles. It is called the ‘Kindness and Mastery process’. I am doing the repeat of this class which I am unlikely to do in future (most probably, will hand it over to facilitators). If you like to hear the information from the horse’s mouth, please jump in 🙂

If you love Joyous Body Protocol, you will love my favourite class -‘Joyous Embodiment’. It is all about enjoying the body – having bliss with the body. If you are someone who has suppressed your self-expression, you will feel very different after this class. Please feel free to join:

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