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Space of being – audio download

Space of being – audio download

How have you been? Are you enjoying the drama you are creating ;P ? Or are you choosing the space around all of it? It is quite easy to be sucked into the drama of other people. (hey, my interesting point of  view!) Let me share something with you.

I did Access foundation and Level 1 from 19th Dec –  22nd Dec. The level1 class was amazing for me and it was the best I have done so far. I had so many ‘aha moments’ for myself and I was able to perceive the change the class was creating. After 4 days of intense classes, I wanted to chill out a bit but it turned out to be a lock down to my surprise. My body was burning up and I did not want to do anything – absolutely nothing. I did not want to do any more class EVER! Really!!! And that’s when I realized it was not mine. I was just picking up all the thoughts, feelings and emotions of “not being good enough for the family”. See… how we turn our awareness against us?

Did a couple of Biomimetic mimicry clearing and ran the body process on me and I am now as fresh as a snow flake. Biomimetic mimicry is where we mimic other people’s pathways, realities, pain,limitation, bodies etc instead of choosing for ourselves. This is a very powerful process and I strongly recommend that you learn the body process and get it run as many times as possible. I have got immense lightness and more choices showing up for me thanks to this process. If you are in the UK, you can join me for this class on 25th Jan in London. What would this half a day class will create for you?

Tool of the day :

“Every boundary has space around it. Without space, there is no boundary” – Nimi (hehe…yeah, me!) What if you are the space beyond every limitation? Would you be willing to do this exercise with me? Think about something that upsets you. Sense where you feel it in your body. Got it? Does it have a boundary? Can you sense it? Can you also sense the space beyond this boundary? What is beyond that? Beyond that? Beyond that? Can you be that space?

Do you see that when you are that space everything is within you and you can change anything? Remember, the space permeates through everything – even the objects that appear to be solid are made of 99.99% space. What infinite possibilities can you be aware of if you are willing to acknowledge the space you truly are?

You can download the audio of this exercise from here:

Some more questions that you could ask to claim more of you:

  •   What is that you are not acknowledging about yourself to create limitlessly?
  •   What is limiting you from choosing from what you truly desire ?
  •   What magic are you being that you are refusing to acknowledge?
Miraculous year 2014 has been an adventure for me – with magic, miracles and a bit of drama too.

“Everything was the opposite of what it appeared to be and nothing was the opposite of what it appeared to be” 😀 I created so much fun and loads of change! Every Access Consciousness class I attended and offered created more space for me and people around me. Everyone who showed up in my life has been a grand contribution to me eventhough at times it appeared to be the opposite of it 🙂 I just wanted to say I am immensely grateful to you for receiving me in whatever shape or form 🙂 I have one more favour to ask. I am doing my specialty class ‘Seducing money’ in my home town Chennai in February and I would like to ask for your contribution. You could giveenergetic contribution to this class, pull energy for this class, share it with your friends… what else is possible? hey, if any of you like to attend from home, let me know.

We can explore livestreaming for you. What other contribution can you be for me and this class? Ah… Before I sign-off, I would like to remind you know that the access class prices are going up in 2015 but you can still avail these magical classes for their existing price, if you book them within 2014. How does it get any better than this?

I have classes coming up in London and India. See the link for more details: I hope to see you in person somewhere soon.

Infinite gratitude,

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