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Special Offers

I like to play with people who really like to create magic – they are the dreamers who not only know that different possibilities are available but also dare to tap into them and expand this universe. While I am happy to be one of those dreamers, I also acknowledge the challenges we may face – we get quickly distracted, we use our awareness against us many times and of course, make ourselves wrong for being “abnormal”. Sounds familiar? Having regular catch ups with my healer buddies serves as a good reminder to raise above all these and keep choosing the magic. I strongly recommend you to reach out and have a magic buddy.

In case you like me to be that buddy, I’ll be happy to play with you. Well, as I enjoy creation so much, I am also offering 30% discount to play.

Gold Package: 8 x 20 minute session

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Creator Package: 4 x 30 minute session

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Please do not buy these packages, if you are not willing to be happy & prosperous. This offer is available for purchase for only one month and you need to use all the sessions within 2 months of purchase.