SPLASH — May’s Magic starts!

SPLASH — May’s Magic starts!

Here is an invitation for all of you to join us as we bring to you Magical and Transformational May offers from Infinite Healing!  Would you want to join us and play with the frequencies of joy and abundance, be a child all over again; play and create amazing moments of happiness for self and the world around you?

Enjoy the blessings and transmission from Ascendant Masters St Germain as he is offering his support for spiritual evolution through this transmission & ignite your ability to be a spiritual alchemist. You will receive attunement to his violet flame that transmutes the density and intensity.


You can also choose to get the triple blessing package with transmission from Master Portia as he offers courage to move away from victimhood and find a new path and Maha Shakti , the universal goddess energy who will clear out curses and evil intentions being projected at your body and the planet to bring out your shine.

Buy all three together at a great offer price of $72 only!

How about letting your kids embrace their holidays with a splash of fun with Light Keys and Frequencies and let them create magic in their life? Treat them to space, possibility, leadership, adventures, shine and harmony with Light Key Wellness Summer Camp.

Register now on:-

“Thank you Nila was today’s beautiful class on ease and grace protocol.. My daughter was enjoying and feeling it way too easy to create magic on her own self…A big thank you to you from my daughter Stutie”

Light Key Frequencies – Transformational processes for body, life and beyond – Certified – By Facilitator Suguna
Infinite healing light keys and transformation processes will bring lighter into every area of your life and empower you to lead a happy and abundant life.You can tune into certain frequencies of the universe to create a great shift in your body, life and being.

This class is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience. If you are an aspiring healer, this would be a good one to start your journey with. If you are an experienced healer, this will add much more ease and efficiency into your sessions.

Golden Earth: This process helps you build a fulfilling, joyful and abundant life here on earth.
Universal kindness: This process helps you create peace, harmony, and possibilities.
Rainbow Ray: This process helps you clear and cancel limiting beliefs, energy blocks and old contracts.

To register log on to : https://infinitehealing.co.uk/event/light-key-frequencies-transformational-processes-for-body-life-and-beyond-4/

And finally here’s a special May treat from Nila!

Watch her sing “ Twameva Mata Cha Pita Twameva” shloka ( Shri Ganesha Stuti ).

It means : O God, You are my mother, my father, my brother, and my friend. You are my knowledge. You are my only wealth. You are everything to me and the God of all Gods.

This mantra is usually recited at the conclusion of a prayer session, meditation, or religious function. Here the devotee surrenders his or her individuality to the Lord for his Grace.

YouTube Link: Mantra for Divine Happiness

Here is a amazing share:
“I realised I was following and giving significance to following structure in a particular project. I also realised following structure was making me stiff. I flowed frequencies to it and asked to help me come out of structure as I was doing much better free flowing. And when my chance came to perform, I did it completely forgetting about the how’s and got a great round of applause”

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In Appreciation of You,
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