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Spontaneous combustion of fat molecules?

Spontaneous combustion of fat molecules?

How are you? How are you coping with the pandemic and lockdown?

Some of you have written to me that it is pretty terrifying. I would ask you to just go beyond that to have more ease. It may be easier said than done but it is absolutely true that only our resistance cause the suffering. Events are just events but the meaning and value we assign to the events cause the reactions in them.

So, I simply request you to find something to appreciate about every second. Gratitude heals…

Gorgeous you

When I announce classes, I have just the glimpse of the outcome. Then the information starts to download and it keeps coming until the class ends. Most of my coaching calls are kind of live channeling. The information just flows and many a times the light key blessing comes through relevant to the topic.

Once when I was recording the video to release excess weight loss, I went into trance and transmission for melting fat. I had no idea what it could do but I got the following feedback from a viewer:

“Hello Nila maam,

This message is with immense gratitute. Though this is insane but i feel happy and energised. Yesterday i did your Fat reduce or weight loss energy transmussion. I would be a classic example. It was profound and it works.

When i started the vedio i thought i will feel soming in my fat area. Like my tummy, thighs, or may be on my lower back, hips or something but it was not like that. I felt acute pain in the left side of my head around temple. And its similar to when i get a migrain. And the same spot hurts. Its was so painful that i wanted to stop. But I heard a voice shut up and keep doing. As the vedio about to end, i got same commanding voice in my head, saying do it again. This time i could see smoke coming out of my body but on specific points. Like my temples, my corners or eyes, my knees and some points in my thighs and feets mostly all joints and most promient was 3 to 4 inches left of my navel button.

It felt the energy wishelting out of me. Whole night i felt so much of freshness. I litterely felt alive. I could not sleep. I guess i was drifted to sleep somewhere around 3.30. In morning when i wokeup i heard a voice check your weight. I lost 2 or more kgs. Thank you Maam”

Well, what else can I say?

For the last two days, I have been hearing ‘Spontaneous combustion of fat molecules’. I know that it is related to the 4 call series I am doing on weight loss but don’t have the specifics yet. I wonder what magic this is going to create.

In the Gorgeous you series of 4 calls, we will be addressing the following areas:

Are you willing to have a gorgeous body?
Releasing programs, implants and attachments from the body
Releasing conflicts with your body and embracing harmony
Body lightness through awareness

You can choose any single call or choose the whole series to get 29$ discount:

Light key journeys in May

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,