Stress Relief and Sleep

Stress Relief and Sleep

How have you been?

Do you remember the diamond grid installation I wrote about last week? Since then my life has been super busy. I have been doing installations and attunements non-stop and working through the weekend to consult and catching up with my other workstreams. (You know, I run an IT company too, right?)

I was kind of restless at the end of this busy weekend and the intensity was 8/10. I tried many tools and the intensity did not change very much. Then I remembered the so-called “Baby sleep” protocol. It is supposed to soothe the nerves too. I tried it and within 5 minutes the restless came down to 1/10. My body was so relaxed and peaceful. The mind was very quiet allowing more insights & instructions about this process came through. This was an amazing experience and made me wonder how effective the light key protocols are! I wish I can teach these in the Corporate world!

I had completed the manual for this protocol last week for the upcoming class on 27th which has to be now updated with all this new information. Besides, I think the name of the protocol does not justify its coverage and so, I am changing it to “Baby peace protocol” instead of “Baby sleep protocol“.

If we can change the stress from intensity 8 to almost nothing in under 5 minutes, how much violence can we reduce in the world, if more people use this gentle and simple procedure? I sincerely invite you and recommend you to attend the class on 27th to learn this protocol and be an instrument of peace in the world. The best thing is this class has a bonus “belief clearing protocol” too which is gifted to all the participants completely free of charge. Please feel free to register:

If you are new to light keys and protocols, you may like to visit this page to know more:

Please note that the discounts are being lifted by the end of this month and it may be a good time to get these simple and effective tools to expand your life.

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What more magic can we create together?

Until I write to you again, please keep counting your blessings 🙂

In appreciation of you,