Stress relief with relaxation exercises

Stress relief with relaxation exercises

How have you been?Do you like to receive magical gifts? Nila has gifted a free Udemy course ‘Stress Relief with relaxation exercises’. The course has 3 guided relaxation exercises and a Light key frequency to create more light and lightness in your universe! What contribution can this course be to you?

It is free and open for all. Yes, this course has no pre-requisites; anybody can do it. Whether you are a seasoned Light key practitioner or a novice, we believe this can be for you and your body!

We hope to see you there. Link to the course:
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Nila often asks a question: “Are you at the cause or effect of your life?” Oftentimes, we feel that we are at the receiving end of someone else’s intentions, projections or actions. For generations, bloodlines can remain stuck, unable to move beyond certain limitations, as a result of a ‘curse’.

Have you mastered receiving?

We gifted you a free course today. Did you jump with joy or brush it off since it is free? Did you try and assess its worth since it is gifted? Where else in life do you weigh and judge when gifted?

Do you like receiving? What does receiving mean to you? How well do you receive? Whom are you willing to receive from? What are your criteria for receiving? Could you transform your relationship with the universe to receive beyond your wildest dreams? Beyond limitations? Beyond measure?

If your molecules just did a breakdance and went berserk, then join Nila in this call.

What’s even better, anyone can join in! You need not have done any course to join this call. It has no pre-reqs.

What can we do about scarcity of oxygen?

With the pandemic, there is much fear and anxiety, especially for those whose loved ones have been tested positive with coronavirus. In this video, Nila shares some Light Key tools to empower ourselves to be the energy of light and lightness so that we can contribute energetically to the situation.

What if black magic and curses were simply points of view sent your way that you have bought into?

If you would like to move beyond disempowerment and into the space of masterful creation of your life, then Nila heartily invites you to the course, “Advanced light key protocol for going beyond black magic and curses – Certified”-It’s today!

What is it about black magic and curses that is so fearful? Even if you do not believe in them, the course can contribute to create empowerment and flow in your life and uncreate stagnancy in any area; if you choose.

Practitioners have used this protocol with people to ward off an ‘evil eye’ and also to release helplessness with Covid situations. How creative can you get with this class?

“I have worked on curses and Blackmagic from many years using multiple modalities. It’s been releasing in stages and I had been getting awareness bit by bit on what all I have inherited from my parents and what they got from their parents. The day I paid for this class almost 10 days before, I got awareness on another layer in the whole family line which was carrying this. That was big aha and release. In today’s class for me it was assimilation of whole release I feel finally done with this. The word Blackmagic feels just another concept now. I am feeling so free and so much space. I am so much in gratitude for having light key healing tools”

What is more amazing? You can get certified and add it to your repertoire’.

This course has pre-requisites. Please check in early to get on with us!
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