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Switch on your godliness & liberate yourself!

Switch on your godliness & liberate yourself!

How have you been?

It’s time to break free and embrace your greatness! Would you like to let go of the doubts, fear and any distractor implants which prevent you from embracing your greatness and divinity.

We invite you to let go of your defining thoughts and explore a new possibility with this Access Consciousness audio clearing. What does it really take to acknowledge the greatness of you? Run this in the background – when you walk, sleep, talk🙂 – literally anywhere, anytime. The more you run, the more you receive. Link to the clearing at the end.

Going beyond black magic and curses (Certified course) is today

Feeling bogged down by other people’s unkind intentions? Are you being at the effect of their unconsciousness? What if liberation is YOUR choice? Is it time to switch on your godliness and go beyond the limitations set by others?

Empower yourself to see through the so called ‘evil forces’ and neutralise them with this Advanced light key protocol, using Light key frequencies, vortices and processes. Recent message from Nila on social media,

We invite you to claim your power back and have more ease in your universe.

Light medicine: Level 1 Detox protocol (Certified Course ) – On Sale!

How is your body enjoying the Body reset protocol? Light medicine is all about creating lightness across your body by transmuting the dense energy through Light key frequencies and processes.

Is your body ready for more? Experience a powerful and profound process to detox your whole body and individual organs – by removing pathogens, toxins, foreign elements and their imprints.

“Thank you Nila for yesterday’s class. the process was life changing, experienced lot of shift.”
“It was an amazing experience for me and for my client…& I have been doing LKM level 1 on myself for the last 9days and every time I feel something which is not required by my body is leaving…thank you Nila for sharing this.”

We invite you to empower yourself with this process & experience the deepest detox through light!

Awareness Development Circle – Call 2

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you already are” – Rumi

Ready to start the journey inside you to experience the same? A magical, magnificent universe awaits you –just open yourself up. Gift yourself this divine experience.

Last ADC call participants received Light Key blessing as a gift! What more magic can we be, receive and create?

Embrace your greatness


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Finding your Super Power

Light Key Expert Healer (Certified)


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What more magic can we all create together?

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