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Synchronizing the Body with Earth for Health, Wealth and Happiness

💖 Pre-requisites
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💖 Course Content

The rustle of the leaves fall. It decomposes and reunites with the Earth as one. Underneath the Earth, there’s a lifeforce of its own, unknown to many. To many, the soil may seem as dirt but there’s an intricate ecosystem of rest, a process of rejuvenation and renewal. There’s a network of intelligence unseen and unknown to the naked eye. We are Earth, we came from the Earth, and we return to the Earth. It’s the cycle of death and birth, endings and beginnings.This class will connect you to the intelligence of the Earth.

Via this class recording, Nila will lead you to connect, receive and contribute to the planet and in turn enhance your human living on Earth – to live in health, wealth and happiness.

💖 Testimonials

“Feel synchronized with the Earth so much more, thank you :evergreen_tree:

“Just joined this class last night, and this class was great. A lot of new insights about our relationship with the earth, and a lot of energy flowing when Nila facilitated the class.”

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So are you willing to step up, empower yourself to heal your body?

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