Take Your Power Back

Take Your Power Back

Have you given away your power?

Have you given away your power with your body to institutions and systems? Have you given up your power to life experiences and memories? Have you given up your power to belief systems that no longer serve you? To defense mechanisms and patterns that do more harm than good? Have you given away your power to relationships? To people?

It might have served you at some point which is why you have it in the first place, but is it working for you anymore?

If you are done with being at the effect of life rather than the source of it, stay glued to the Light Key Wellness System classes this week. We have some amazing classes this week.

Be a kind master with your body!
Are you in communion with your body? Do you have a say in how your body shows up? How easy is it for you to actualize changes in your body?

The universe is expanding all the time. Your body is changing every moment. Do you create more ease or more struggle with your body with the choices you make with it?

Do you believe that bodies are dense and difficult to heal? Does that age bring many diseases with it? That diseases ‘run’ in families? That you have no say in how your bodies show up because it is determined by a few ‘genes’?

While genes and environment do co-create your body, you can have a say in how the genes express themselves, or what environment you create for your body. You can bring forth cellular intelligence to kick start the body’s immune system and allow it to self-heal.

Join the Joyous Body Protocol to learn a simple, effective 15-minute practice that can help you heal yourself, your loved ones, and your clients remotely, or in person.

JBP takes 3 hours to learn and 15 minutes to do every day. You need not have any previous healing experience, be a wellness professional, or have any disease to heal, in order to learn this.

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 An amazing share:
“brillianttt… its like a weight has been lifted off the body and its vibratingg” “3 days of self JBP eased out my TMJ greatly. My mouth opens wider. So much ease with my head and neck.”
“i had pain in my left leg since 1 month and now u dont feel the pain at all….tingling all over my head..Thank u so much”

Reclaim your true being!
Everyone is kind, once the layers of stress are released from their being.
Do you make choices that are kind to you? Or do you make choices to please those around you or fit in? Is life a joyful creation or do you just struggle with every passing day, reliving old hurts, wounds, and patterns?

What if you could learn to shift these with just a few minutes of your day every day?

The Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma is a simple protocol you can use to shift patterns of self-sabotage and traumatic experiences. You can reduce the charge around these so that they eventually dissipate and you are free to now make a choice that works for you, not against you.

Join Facilitator Suguna Sathish on 1st June to break free and live free!

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Here is a wonderful testimonial by Kate. Go here to watch

Are you losing out on intimacy?

Do you live life fully? Are you able to own it? Do you just drift along or are you really able to feel and engage with your body’s sensuality?

Join Facilitator Suguna Sathish for Advanced Light Key Protocol for Intimacy to break through the barriers you have towards getting intimate with yourself, others and life.

Hop on to an intimate adventure:

An amazing share:
“I feel like dancing, singing, expansion, joy in all spheres, Thank you so much” “Basic intimacy protocol has created great shifts in my life, my body, my relationship”

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