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Taste of kindness – Two gifts for you!

Taste of kindness – Two gifts for you!

As you may remember, I did a free call on Clearing Energy blocks a few weeks back and the response was so great. We did a very short taster light key protocol and many of the participants loved it so much. Here is one:

“After the kindness key exercise I was feeling all warm and could sense lot of energies around. Asked the entities to step out so that I could rest. Was able to sleep after that”

As there were only 30% of the registered participants live on the call, rest of them missed this experience. so, I decided to redo a short video of a taster protocol. It only takes a few minutes but it will give you immense peace, calm and bliss if you are open to it. This is my first gift for you. Here is the link:

Did you enjoy the experience? If you did, you may like to join us on 17th form anywhere on zoom to learn more of these protocols, processes and practices to expand your life. We have 5 modules, 3 bonuses including prosperity attunement and 2 certifications in this class for a nominal fee. The class will be priced double in future. So, you may like to make use of this wonderful opportunity and gift yourself a fabulous 2020:

Also, as I had written earlier, low self worth is the core reason for most of the issues in life and one of the best remedies is kindness. To remind you just that, we have made a mobile screen saver for you to save and practice. This is my second gift for you.

I am also doing a class on self worth on 16th that you can join from anywhere in the world.

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