The fun of being a psychic

The fun of being a psychic

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I am here to share more fun stories on my journey. Some times being a psychic is fun for you and may take the fun out for people who like to surprise you.

There are times when people want me to guess what the present was and ‘boom‘ the first guess is right. ‘You have a brown colour handbag for me‘ ‘Oh you brought me that sweet today‘ really burst the bubble for friends who wanted to see the surprise look in me. I now tone down showing off the awareness.

There are times I have woken up by the energies of people who have been thinking of me across the globe at odd times. Many times when I message them ‘what’s up?‘ they often ask me ‘How did you know?‘. There was a time when I woke up at 2 pm and had a nagging feeling to check my email. There was an mail from a regular coaching client in total panic and she had wanted to know if I could do a session for her. Yes, I ended up doing a session at 2 AM!

It was not this easy in the beginning. I used to get overwhelmed with awareness and go into anxiety or depression. But then learning to differentiate what is mine and what is not helped me a lot. That’s why it is really important to get the right guidance in handling your awareness. Thankfully, I did get that training from the spiritual development circles I attended and from Access consciousness.

I am happy to offer the same for anyone who is looking to develop their awareness/psychic capacities. You may still have time to join the class on ‘Connecting with Light being‘ happening on 24th Jan 2020:

If you have missed it, you can also get the recording of the class.

If you like to sit in the weekly development circle and get structured training, please feel free to join:

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