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Are you tired of being controlled?

Are you tired of being controlled?

How have you been? “Gratitude is a game-changer” –  Most of us have heard this, some of us believe it while a very few really live it . Most times gratitude is associated with a transaction – and it isn’t really easy to go into the space of gratitude, for some of us.

What if you can create an energy similar to gratitude but perhaps, more easily? Curious to know-how. In her own style, Nila shares her views and tips in this video – link given at the end. Watch, enjoy and create more loving energies!

How about creating a new way of living – empowered living?

Empowered Living
“It’s wonderful to know that the power to define who I am rests solely with me. If I decide I am an artist, or a poet, a teacher or a writer then I AM.” ― Renae A. Sauter

Who is defining you?

It may come as a surprise but most of us are used to giving away our power to the outside world, often times unconsciously, and have become a puppet to other people’s desires. When you dig a little deeper, we realise this condition stems from the need to be valued or the need to be appreciated or the need to be acknowledged or sometimes all the above

Would you like to regain your power? The universe is incomplete without your unique vibration – that’s how powerful you are.

Choose to take back your power – it really is a choice. We invite you to join Nila in this call, as she facilitates the practitioners using light key techniques to reclaim your power back.

This is what Nila posted a few hours back:
“The ‘Empowered Living’ class has been growing in awareness. The relief is so huge when I used the technique on people and at one point I wondered I should remove the pre-req of ‘forgiveness protocol’ and make it available for anyone who likes to attend. Then it wanted to become a super-advanced course like expert healer. As it is being so dynamic, I am going to let it be as it as and allow it to flow it to whoever is ready for the potency this class is showing me. If you are someone who feels powerless or hopeless about something, you may want to join to reclaim your power!”

You may be eligible to attend this call for free and you may choose to get 50% discount on the recording. Check-out!

Anger Release with Light Keys
All of us get angry and cool down after a while. Is it a big deal? Someone wise said, “Anger is like a strong wind It calms down after a while, but lots of branches are already broken”

Even mainstream medicine is now acknowledging that negative emotions like anger have a direct negative impact on our organs and health. So, would releasing this have a positive effect on our body and health? Absolutely!

We would love to have you with us in this call, with Nila, to learn a very simple way to release the anger energy. Choose to set yourself free!

If you are a Basic Blueprint practitioner, you are eligible to attend this call for free. Look out for the details in your email. You can choose to purchase the call at a 50% discount. Details below

Another special gift
When you choose to spend $200, as a single purchase, between April 1st to 5th 2021, you will be gifted a $20 coupon code which you can use for future purchases (not applicable for facilitator courses, though).

Power of appreciation!

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