The magical Magnolia Tree!

The magical Magnolia Tree!

How have you been? This time it’s Nila writing to you.

I like to play – a lot – just like a child! Last year we had a 21-day manifestation game in the group and I was asking for a home with some specific features including magnolia tree. Where I live, this tree is not common but I dared to ask. I created the energy for it by collecting pictures of the tree during the 21-day Law of Attraction Game.

Guess what, within 2 months, we actually moved into a spacious property with magnolia tree in the front. It happened 6 months back and the tree just started blossoming. I wanted to share the pictures to inspire you to ask and receive!

It may seem silly, if you are not used to Law of Attraction but it is definitely not the first-time playing games helped me to create more.

If you like to know more about Law of Attraction, there are numerous videos in my YouTube channel: Nila Mystic TV

I also have a recorded class called ’21 games to prosperity’ in my website, if you are interested.

What magic can you create through fun?

Getting over not being good enough – Claim your 5$ discount
“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”

What a powerful quote by Rumi! Are you able to resonate with this? If not, it’s only because we were conditioned to think otherwise – that we are not enough. Surprisingly many of us carry this conditioned thought while only a few of us are aware of the same.

Say, you always wanted a particular thing – might be a promotion, a big car, a beautiful home, or just a compliment from a dear one – you work hard towards achieving it, and yet it always appears to be out of reach? In such cases, just ask yourself – do you believe you truly deserve that? You will be shocked by your honest answer. Most of us think we are not good enough to receive what we desire.

Are you willing to let go of this un-contributing pattern? If yes, we invite you to join us in this call where Nila leads the group to let go and appreciate that you are truly enough – as you are!

Be prepared for watery eyes  Often times people have experienced outbursts of tears or excessive yawns as they release in Nila’s calls as she seamlessly leads you into a powerful inward journey – to rediscover your true self!

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