The one question that changed my body

The one question that changed my body

How are you doing?

How is your body doing? Have you misidentified your body as you? Most of us do right? Not only that we allow others to control our body too… how smart is that?

Who is creating your body?

I have been working with bodies a lot and get so much awareness about them. Yet, sometimes I am shocked at the new awareness and the outcome it creates. Today, when I was doing some self healing, I became aware of the question ‘Who is creating your body?’ and the spontaneous response from me was ‘my mom’. I was very shocked that even after so much body work and awareness, there are areas that are masked by unconsciousness! No wonder my body mimics my mom’s body (and she is very proud of it :-))!

After firing my mom from creating my body, I went to a deep sleep for 3 hrs in a non-standard hour! When I woke up my body felt so liberated, no wonder. I wanted to share this experience so that you can also choose more consciousness with your body and enjoy it! After all, that’s why we are on the planet, right? If you are ready to liberate your body, I recommend ‘Conscious body protocol’ that created so much change in many people’s bodies:

Life feels like a struggle?

Does life feel like a chore? Too much of a hassle? What if life can be a celbration every moment? What if you can sail through life with ease and grace like a swan? If you are willing to choose that and have that, please join us on Sunday, 19th of July for ‘Ease with School’ series. Your children can attend free, if you are attending… It’s about mastering the system you are in – whether it is employment, school or culture…’

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