The Recipe for A Magical Body

The Recipe for A Magical Body

The joyride has just begun…

Join Tamanna Goplani for a free Joyous Body Protocol group healing session. Receive love from the source to create a new possibility for your body.

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“Hi, Good morning Nila Ma’am This is a feedback for yesterday’s group healing JBP , Ma’am I could feel the vibration in my head and also in the body later on not actual vibration but I could feel that I am vibrating on higher frequency. It was like a spiritual high I would say. I got emotional and was listening to my favourite music from 70’s and 80’s, posted old Ambassador car adds from the same era in my WhatsApp status and was missing others’ first car. I sometimes get this emotional when I get drunk that’s why I said spiritual high.also I had attended group healing JBP but yesterdays experience was different and it felt more powerful,did anyone else felt so or similar ? Thank you Ma’am and everyone else for the lovely contribution”

“Wow, what a wonderful one I had.. first saw some deity sleeping next to you, then lots of blue , purple , lavender lights… some sort of fibrous blue light passing on and on .. swirling .. what a wonderful experience “

“A huge shift has happened to my body .Woke up different. could connect to every cell that was in pain and after the meditation.The healing continue all night even as I was asleep. I was aware of the shifts happening at the core level.Love using the keys.Gratitude”

What comes up for you when we say…money, gold, diamonds, cash?

Do you tingle with excitement…or do you judge? Do you contract?

Use resistance to your advantage. Join Nila for Transmuting Resistance to Money into Cash, Gold and Money Generating Possibilities

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“Dear Nila Mam, Today was such a hectic day for me, had electrical repairs going in in the house. In the evening I was feeling so tired, I just couldn’t do the cleaning, my whole body was aching. I started commanding the Light Matrix & it worked like magic. I was high on energy & finished all the cleaning. Thank you Mam. The Command is Magically Miraculous.”

“It made me feel that I have more than enough,an abundance of money, happiness and peace.The mere thought of wealth made my energy shift to work more and sincerely.Thanks all for inspiring me.”

“How does it feel to wake up to a money transfer notification into your account from thebank…!!!I received this person’s message just after the money blessing call… That he owes me some money , for being my first student, (and I had totally forgotten about this person too)N today I saw the transfer had been initiated.I never quoted any charges to him…As it was a beginning for me too and he seemed willing to learn … Thank you so so so much Nila “

Mary Magdalene is a prominent biblical figure, who has inspired multitudes of women to embrace their magic. She stands for strength and fortitude. Join Nila for Energy Transmission from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene to receive the wisdom to enable you to sail through challenges.

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“Transmissions so very amazing, totally unbelievable! In Navratras I bought Shakti, Mahalaxami and Saraswati transmission. When I ran Shakti transmission I literally felt Shiva and Shakti in me! My right half was Ma Shakti and left half was lord Shiva! I was in aaawww for soooo loooong did it really happen! Then second time I was like let me do it again with all the directions – I felt Ma Durga! Again left in ooomg! Now I just simply listen it, love it and enjoy it. In deep deep deep gratitude to you Nila”

“Shine transmission was an Amazing amazing energy. I felt ripples in my stomach in the beginning and towards the end, I could feel thumping energy and lot of contractions in my root chakra. Truly words cannot do justice to the experience. Thankyou Nila “

“Was a powerful transmission. I received as being soaked in torrential downpour in first part n golden liquid light pouring in me subsequently. Though what you were saying in between wasnt very clear. Thanks you so much Nila”

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