The tower that challenged me

The tower that challenged me

What magic is unfolding for you?

This is Nila writing to you, this time. I would like to share something special with you.

There stood this 110 ft tall tower with 133 steps in the middle of the forest challenging me to climb up for a beautiful view. I have shied away from climbing since I was a child as I was physically and mentally very weak. (Well, That’s what everyone told me and I believed it). That belief has been running my life or even holding me back for a long long time. Recently, it came to my awareness again and I cleared it.
Today, inspired by the magnificence of the forest and the possibility of seeing it from a height, I wanted to take up the challenge. However, something inside me hesitated looking at the steep stairs reminding me of my struggles with stairs and ramps in the past! But well, now I have some magical light key frequencies in hand. Invoked one of them and started climbing. I reached the top in record time (yeah well, for me it is!) with ease to my hubby’s astonishment. He even mentioned that I was fitter than him. I guess this has been the first time ever someone has made such a comment!
What more magic can we create when we go beyond the limitations of age, weight or anything else? Are you curious to explore these frequencies? Click below.

If you are a practitioner already, how has the transformation been for you?  Are you looking to expand your magic tool box? Here you go – Light Key Frequencies for Limitless Reality – V2.0.If you have done the version 1, please email the team for a discount coupon for V2. It has the milky way and secondary frequencies..

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I invite all practitioners and expert healers to be a part of this super advanced class Expert Healer – Level1. How wonderful would it be to shift energy to create what you desire? Expert Healer has moved practitioners’ and clients’ lives in quantum leaps. Wondering how  much more ease and magic will this create for you all?

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Living a life by design
How grand would it be to create at your will?! Join us in this experiential call  where I  will walk you through exercises to be aware of your current choices and to create the universe you desire with ease and grace!

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Create light and lightness in your life
Another gift for you –  audio clearing of Light Matrix Command to Change Density and Intensity on the Planet. All those who chose to play it on loop have noticed lightness, joy and laughter seep in to their lives. What gift can you be to yourself and the planet, if you chose lightness? It is free and available for all.
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In appreciation of you,
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