The Ultimate Truth?

The Ultimate Truth?

How are you?

Are you a seeker looking for the ultimate truth? I used to be like you – I even used to be proud of being a seeker. And then I got so disappointed that there were contradictions between teachings; the teachers and gurus were not so perfect; None of the systems answered all my questions “logically” etc.

Yes, I was a confused seeker. And then I listened to one of the parables by Kryon, a divine channel and they nailed it. I am paraphrasing the story here:

While a film crew was filming the shamans of Native Indian tradition, a crew member fell sick. One of the shamans plucked a leaf from a tree nearby and gave it to him. The team member felt better very quickly. So, the director of the crew asked the Shaman whether it was a medicinal plant. The shaman’s response opened my eyes, “No. That particular leaf from that particular tree was good for that person at that particular time

Well, this opened my eyes that there is no “Ultimate Truth“. Like the number of stars in the universe, like the ever-expanding universe, the truth could be changing moment by moment. I realized that there is no point in trying to “understand” the ever-changing truth with my small mind. I became much more relaxed and peaceful after giving up trying to find the ultimate truth.

Now, if I find contradictions with two different teachings, I go with whatever is light for me at that moment and I also permit to change course in the next 10 seconds. In fact, I am beginning to be grateful for various teachings for showing me many different perspectives and this leads me to more awareness.

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I wish you a grand life!

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