Thrive – In Work and Life

Thrive – In Work and Life

We love you! Just saying it again because no matter how many times we do, its not going to be enough!

You are a gift to this planet. You came here with your divine gifts to blossom in this world and spread your fragrance. Yet, in the reality of this planet, you were told you had to be a certain way, do certain things.. study, work, get married, get kids… and so on.

In the bargain you forgot the gift that you are. The gift of your being. When you are being you, you don’t ‘have to do’ anything. You are led by inspired action that brings out the true joy that you are. Your clients thrive and so do you.

Be reminded in style with Nila – the Magic Lady.

Register NOW, cos this one is on the house – yessss, it’s FREEEEEEE!

“Thank you for the gift call Nila. It was interesting and enriching. I am pretty new here but enjoyed every minute of the call. ❤️HDIGABTT❤️ Loads of gratitude and regards❤️”

“Could not fall asleep for hours after the call being so totally present with each and every cell of the body and so aware.The call were tailor made for me how did I get so lucky? So much space and lightness”

Set your body vibing high – For your clients too!

Unlock Your Healing Potential – Your Path to Empowered Healing!

Are you ready to take your healing journey to the next level? Whether you’re an aspiring healer or an experienced practitioner, we have an incredible opportunity for you to transform lives and unlock your full potential as a healer.

Introducing the Total Body Tune Up with Light Key Frequencies class, a ground breaking protocol designed to empower you with the knowledge and techniques to bring profound healing and balance to yourself and others. And the best part? We’re offering this life-changing class at an unbelievably low cost with a heavy discount, making it accessible to everyone who’s passionate about healing.

Learn to infuse the magic of Light Key Frequencies into the body. It can set it up for optimal well being with possible structural and internal changes.

As a special bonus, upon completion of a simple quiz, you will receive a certificate, recognizing your commitment and expertise in working with Light Key Frequencies. This certificate will not only validate your skills but also enhance your credibility as a healer.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to expand your healing potential and embark on a fulfilling journey of helping others. Register now for the Total Body Tune Up with Light Key Frequencies class and unlock a world of healing possibilities.

✨Here are the class details:

Title: Total Body Tune Up with Light Key Frequencies

Date: 6th July 2023

Time: 10:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM BST / 5:00 PM Israel / 7:30 PM India / 12:00 AM AET (Next Day)

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: Online

Secure your spot now by clicking the link below:

Please note that spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot at this heavily discounted rate while it’s still available.

Invest in yourself, embrace your calling as a healer, and discover the power of Light Key Frequencies to create lasting transformations. Join us in this extraordinary class and embark on a journey that will elevate your healing abilities to new heights.

We can’t wait to see you there!

“I ran the freq on my jaw as it tends to be tensed and tight especially when I’m stressed. There was a lot of release – my shoulders and the organs in my body started to relax, and there was also a lot of vibration in my cells.”

“One of my frequencies class participants have just applied frequencies and released her son’s back pain 90 percent in 10 min, she did class just 4 days back. Isn’t that amazing? I am like totally woooow, the participants show me different level of receiving the tools. So much gratitude flooding in my world”

Still feel you ain’t good enough? No problem. We got you covered.

Tamanna is leading the class – Light Key Protocol for Getting Over Not Being Good Enough.

Dunk those definitions that try to keep you limited and delve into the magic of your being.

Register now:

Get certified and help your clients too! This class has an optional certification you can purchase any time.

“Ma’am that was a wonderful call which revealed a lot about oneself .. how we hold ..identities that are not ours and how bad we treat ourselves when we are much more capable .Thank you for leading us in this journey .”

“Thank you Nila so was eye many awarenesses thru each excercise.feeling so different”

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In appreciation of You,
Team Light Keys Wellness System