Today! Release fear, anxiety depression with Nila

Today! Release fear, anxiety depression with Nila

As we begin the eighth month of this year, we are reminded that the number eight is associated with harmony, balance, abundance and power.

(Psst – Did you notice how it is an infinity symbol standing on its head?)

If that made you go Aha, then read on..

Manifestation energies have been building, and they indicate that it’s time we began to embrace ourselves as the creators of life. Manifestation isn’t just about spinning webs of imagination and expecting stuff to appear. It is about realizing that you have indeed been manifesting life all along and if you don’t like what you have, you just need to make different choices.

But if it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be happy? Can it be that easy? What keeps you from choosing happiness? What keeps you stuck and unable to choose?

Could it be that you have given away your power to beliefs, cultures, relationships, family, money, institutions such that you are no longer feel like you have a choice? You gotta get along with life, right?

But wait, are you willing to take a sneak peek at what might be available to you? What if you could create your life from a place of mastery rather than slavery? What life can you manifest when you choose to drop the invisible bondages that you have been holding on to?

Want to take charge?

Hop on to this 3 call series with Nila – Shedding the Shackles of Slavery

The best thing I received from this session was a sense of Freedom —– from the loop of thoughts that run in my head all the time. How much they were ruling my life! I feel my head has become very light, more clearer and I feel more happier.”

It is raining energies this August.

As you know, Nila has undergone psychic and mediumship training for many years and she regularly channels beings of light. Their energies show up during transmissions form Nila and they help to move from a place of stuckness to one where you have a choice to vibrate higher. The transmission works on your past, present and future selves. You only need to visit the recording to experience it.

4 transmissions are coming through

  • Mother Akasha – Dissolve densities and embrace consciousness with ease.
  • Lord Ganesha – Remove obstacles and have great beginnings.
  • Guardian Angel – Receive insights, healing and inspiration from your spirit friends.
  • Sirian Elders – Let go of past memories, trauma, resentments form this life time and release the effects it has on the body.

Each transmission costs 33$. You can buy all 4 and save 39$. Offer ends on 5th Aug.

Go here to buy:

“After learning this transmission, Red is my favourite colour still I wore it after a long time & felt very happy in it …
You were looking matchless in Red simply Divine Goddess ….❤️
Greatful for the MahaShakti Transmission 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹🦋🧚‍♂️😇 “

Would you want to fall in love again?

Do you love your body? Are you kind to your body?

What if you were unaware of all the places you have been unwilling to receive from the body?

Your body is a gift from the earth. It brings you all that is required for you to exist in joy and abundance on this planet, whatever that might be.

When you begin to disconnect from the body, you stop receiving from the body and end up creating struggle in your life on this planet.

Bringing back communion with the body can unlock the joy it has been waiting to gift you. What is it that wold expand your joy? Good health, vibrancy, money, relationships?

Get on this joyride called the ‘Joyous Body Protocol’ class with Tamanna to receive the gift of your body.

Side effects include better health, better immunity, well being and vitality.

It is certified – You can use this protocol on your clients as well. It is quick, simple and easy to learn, and extremely effective.

Sign up here:

“I want to share my experience with JBP
My very close relative was suffering from Stone pain and UTI infection .. severe pain , anxiety and fearful couldn’t sleep through out the night .. I ran JBP along with Light medicine reset protocol frequencies and in the background Lightmatrix command was running in loop.. it’s been four days now she has no pain no infection in her body .. we went for picnic on Sunday she was absolutely fine .. 
Thank you Nila for these beautiful frequencies protocols and keys have become like a medical store to buy any sort of medicine, for any kind of healing required by the body …just like pop a pill n magic happens .. thank you for creating these magical healing pills ( frequencies)🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

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