Tool of the Day

Tool of the Day

Dear friends,

How have you been? I have been on a joyous ride since I did my Access level 2/3 classes I attended last week end. Guess what, my TV interview link went viral and has opened up lots of possibilities for me. I am the personality of the month on British south Indian website thanks to the TV interview link that went viral:

I invite you too to create infinite possibilities starting with Access Bars. Classes are available on almost all  weekends in and around London in Feb/March and then in Qatar/India/Malaysia (and any other country that wants it!) in April & May. I am willing to travel if you desire to organize classes in your place. What does it take for you to create miracles in your life too? Enough of me now

Tools of the day

If you suffer from anxiety, try this simple acupressure technique – any time anywhere. Of course, you take responsibility for your own well being, don’t you?

If not, please don’t follow this:

Till we meet next time, keep well J What other contribution can I be to you today? Oh yes, stay tuned… audio downloads are coming soon. What else is possible?

Wishing you ease, joy and glory,

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju