Tools for grand success

Tools for grand success

How have you been? I have been doing a lot – lots and lots, actually!

Launched 2 mobile apps, 2 web apps and a youtube channel; Rolled out a new healing system to a controlled group and also started doing prosperity attunements. How about you? What magic have you been cooking?

Would you like to be hideously successful?

The meaning and value of success varies from person to person. The corner stone of creating huge success is to know what success means to you. Most people buy in to the definition of success from the society, family, parents, spouse etc and then battle with an inner conflict between what they really desire and what they think they should be doing.

To have more clarity on what success really means to you, I invite you to do this exercise with paper and pen:

Imagine that you are going to a new planet where nobody knows you. There are no rules, no forms and no structure. Cause and effect does not exist in that planet. You can be anything and do anything. What would you be? What would you do?

Ask ‘Who does it belong to’ while writing down your response. This will further help you to shed wherever you have bought other people’s desires as yours.

If you are brutally honest with yourself, this exercise will provide you loads of insight into your choices and awareness into further actions.

The second important step is to remove your fear of failure.  Most of us do not even try sometimes because of this fear. Fear keeps us stuck and small. If you give yourself permission to fail, how would it be? Isn’t there a sense of freedom in the allowance to fail? Would you be creating more or less from this lightness?

While fear of failure keeps us small, fear of success makes us sabotage ourselves big time. How much energy are you spending in keeping yourself small, hidden and invisible? Letting go of fear of success will free up this energy and how much magic would you be able to create with that?

I have put together a comprehensive EFT routine addressing all of the above:

There are some more videos released in the past few weeks that would support you in your journey towards success.

Receive from the animal kingdom – you do not want to miss this amazing experiential call with Ruth Bartleet:

Deep healing with divine self – This could be a life changing exercise for you:

Access Consciousness clearing for getting rich in infinite ways!

There is also an exercise to actualize your desires through kindness available in the shop:

What contribution can all these be for you?

What else would you like to create and what contribution can I be for you?

Infinite gratitude,