Top 5 tips to change your finance

Top 5 tips to change your finance

Are you ready to welcome 2020 with open arms? I thought I will give you some tips to create the money you like to have in your life. This is my gift to you.

Top 5 money creation tips:

1. Get happy: Find a way to be happy. Money follows joy. Make a list of fun things to do and commit yourself to do at least one from the list each day. This is a way of showing the universe that you are committing to have fun and so, universe will reflect the same multifold.

2. Let go of wanting money: This may seem like a contrary but the energy of wanting is same as the energy of lacking. Letting go of wanting will allow you to have money. Would you rather have money or want money?

3. Be grateful: Gratitude is a game changer. Find something to appreciate each moment. Do a gratitude list every day. This will bring more of what you can be grateful for.

4. Make space for money: Create a list of things you would throw away if you had all the money you desire. start decluttering right away even in a tiny way and start making more room for money to come in.

5. Ask questions: ‘What would it take to create the money I desire’ is a great question to ask to gain more awareness. Do not look for answers. Just ask the question and see the magic.

These are some simple ways in which you can invite money into your life. If you like to go deeper to blast your financial limitations, please feel free to join me on my next class ‘Prosperity and Abundance as if by magic’ on 26th. What will you receive from this class?

– Learn self help techniques to clear away limiting beliefs about abundance and prosperity.
– Clear patterns of low self esteem which will help you in creating the life you desire.
– Learn Prosperity light key which will bring more light and lightness into your financial reality.
– Receiving group prosperity blessing from Nila.

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I will see you in the class.

In appreciation of you,