Transformation Easier than Ever

Transformation Easier than Ever

We are sooo thrilled!! Because ‘Mia Makes Magic’

Nila is back with her second book for kids. Her first book Rocky Learns Magic received unprecedented love from her readers – little ones and otherwise. Her second book helps kids make peace and go beyond conflict with the power of gratitude.

Mia Makes Magic is on Amazon Kindle! Get your copy here:

Nila loves kids. She loves to contribute to kids to nudge them into consciousness. They know that they can be the magic they are. They no longer buy into limitations as they grow up. The world will become a magical place – one kid at a time.

In extension of her contribution, she is offering a 50 percent discount on Kids’ 20 minute private session and 60 percent discount on 3 sessions. Go here to book magic for your lil one.

Watch how little Panav overcame his challenges with a little magical help from Nila. Here is the link:

Please note that offer ends on 7th December.

We have offers for overgrown kids too!

30 minute private sessions with Nila at 12 % off and 3 sessions at 21% off!

“Just got an topic and I decided to work on in private session with Nila. Though till now I was changing the topics daily. So I said to myself, okay Nila I got the topic and we will work on this. Out of no where suddenly all the points started showing up which kept me caged and saw it venting away. Thankful to Nila’s magic.”

“Thank you so very much, for your awareness, it always bang on! In our private session last night, I released something huge, and there is a sense of lightness in my mind and body, it’s like, it has opened up so much more for me, about myself and my potency ! Heartfelt gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇❤️🤗”

“Nila, thank you so much for the gift of the personal session. You are right about transformation happening at supersonic speed. I look and feel different. Also I received a lot of new people at my new job yesterday, all those who wish to contribute and collaborate – the power of Expansion. 😀💕 Love & Gratitude 🙏”

Happy Bodies Heal Easier

Hop on to a happiness dose for your body. Join in for a free Joyous Body Protocol group healing session with Facilitator Tamanna. All you need to do is to register, sit back and receive:

“The JBP group session opened up my heart and I was drawn to draw another Lightlogue for peace. What is getting created? 🌟🌟🌟How did I get so lucky? 🥰🥰|”

“Thank you very much for the JBP u are also giving me I had pains iny joint and it has reduced considerably.🙏”

“JBP MY NEW FACIAL”. No make up, No facewash, Just 15 mins of daily JBP gift to my body with light keys ,Have been struggling with 20 yrs of recurring acne on and off since school days. My skin has got clearer now with natural glow…and I would continue giving this beautiful gift to my body with gratitude to Mrs Nila for sharing this simple amazing tool. This is just one of the side benefit when the body feels JOYOUS From INSIDE OUT!!!

Reset Your Body’s Lab

What is your body cooking? A simple question that Nila asked which opened up floodgates of awareness for people. Your body is churning out your life actively. Receive from the Arcturians to create a magical body and magical life!

Register here:

“I feel so connected to my body in a way I have never experienced before.Thank you so much Nila”

“I had severe ear infection during the week, like never before… now it’s more eased after Horus transmission”

“I just got up from a 2 hour sleep! This is a powerful transmission from Nila – thank you Nila 🙏 I am super excited for me and my body as we adjust and recalibrate to this new vibration 😍”

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