Transmute negativity to your advantage!

Transmute negativity to your advantage!

How have you been?

How does negativity make you feel in your body? Small, like a victim? What if you can have your power back? We invite you to watch this short and powerful facilitation where Nila takes Kanishka out of her negativity. Transmute anything unpleasant you are going through too, as you get inspired by this facilitation. Link to the video at the end!

Going beyond black magic and curses (Certified)

Ready to go a bit deeper? Do you think you are  at the effect of other people’s unconscious and unkind intentions? Do their actions and emotions impact you, unnecessarily? What if you are solidifying these as curses and black magic and there is another possibility available for you?

Would you like to acknowledge and KNOW that you are more powerful than these ‘evil forces’? This protocol will empower you to see through these sources and neutralize them.

We invite you to this Advanced light key protocol class, where with the help of Light keys, frequencies, vortices and process you can choose to have empowerment and ease in your universe.

Gorgeous you (4 call series)  – on offer this month!

  • Call1 – Are you willing to have a gorgeous body?
  • Call2 – Releasing programs, implants and attachments from the body
  • Call3 – Releasing conflicts with the body
  • Call4 – Embracing lightness through awareness

Four powerful channelled calls – just for you and your body.

No pre-perquisites – other than the willingness to have a gorgeous body. With the help of these processes, you will also create the energy & space to sculpt the body you desire. Don’t miss this opportunity to simply rest, relax and receive all the awareness to create lightness – in style!

“Just wanted to share with all of Gorgeous You
Today I am so proud of myself, 10 KG down
I started my journey on the 25th of May, I joined the call 2, but bought all 4 then later call 5&6.
Life is totally different now  So grateful.”

We invite you to join in and start your effortless journey of embracing the gorgeous you.

Ease with Self-expression – Lightlogue for this week

The theme for this week’s lightlogue is “Ease with Self-expression”.
How easier can it get? Colour the lightlogue, meditate on it, feel it with your hands and receive profound awareness – just for you, from the universe.

“Today, I received the first lightlogue – releasing stuckness. I downloaded and  started meditating on it and within a sec I sensed butterflies in my stomach, i stopped immediately and after few seconds started again and this time it was like something is leaving my body with force… The experience was  wonderful and expansive. Thank you Nila di.”

Choose this and receive it in your MyAccount.

Transmute negativity to your advantage

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Awareness Development Circle – Call 2

Finding your Super Power

Light Key Expert Healer (Certified)


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