Turbocharge your immune system

Turbocharge your immune system

How are you today? Did you get to attend the two free healing calls yesterday?

If you have missed, you can catch up on the group joyous body healing from the link at the end of this email. I added a new element to the Joyous Body Protocol to turbocharge the immune system. Hope you enjoy!

I wanted to share a good news with you. Light keys have reached two more countries in the last week. We roughly know that we have practitioners in more than 30 countries now.

Light Key Frequencies & transformational processes

Light key frequencies can be used on bodies to create huge transformation apart from using them to help with many life situations. These frequencies are like magic wands you can use to create change. If you have been using protocols, you must have come across these frequencies:

Golden Earth: This frequency is about vitality and prosperity
Universal kindness: This frequency helps you create peace, harmony, and possibilities
Rainbow Ray: This frequency helps you clear and cancel energy blocks

You can learn more about these frequencies and how to use them on yourself and on your clients in the Light Key frequency course.

The best thing is that I am giving you a 20$ discount coupon until the end of April to become a certified practitioner of Light key healing frequencies through a self-study course:


Coupon code: lightkey-20$

Just in case, you would prefer a live online class instead of a self-study course, please reply to this email. We’ll get in touch with you.

We also have a class advanced light key frequencies on 21st. In this class you will learn how to use and apply the following three-light key frequencies to create a limitless 5-dimensional reality:

❤️ Silver ray frequency: All about creating magical changes in the body. This frequency is used to prepare the body for high vibrational reality.

❤️ Golden Ascension frequency: This frequency permeates deep and brings the resolutions that help the being to move into 5D.

❤️ Diamond heart frequency: This frequency creates oneness and clarity. Great for conflict resolution and attracting the right people who will help you to move into 5D.

To attend this class, the basic light key frequencies class is a pre-requisite. If you have already done the basic light key frequencies, please feel free to sign up:


Here is the link to Joyous body group healing to turbocharge the immune system:

Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,