Unveil the brilliance within you!

Unveil the brilliance within you!

Abuse and trauma energies often linger, influencing our present experiences and future paths.

These energies intertwine with our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and hold an impact on shaping our life experiences.

Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma class helps you with a simple yet potent technique to liberate yourself from their grip, empowering you to craft a future free from the constraints of past traumas.

Join me, Tamanna as I lead you towards a future of freedom! I am excited for this class!

I am also excited to invite you for,

❤️Embodying Light and Lightness – Complimentary Vortex of Light Meditation

Embodying Light and Lightness is the core focus of this unique meditation. In this, Nila guides you through a transformative meditative journey with Vortex of Light  enabling you to embrace a state of inner lightness, clarity, and rejuvenation.

Let’s illuminate our paths together in this journey towards embodying the pure essence of light.

Our amazing facilitator Smriti Shivdasani is out here to take you to a next level of healing with potent Light Key classes.

She’s teaching 2 advanced classes next week.

❤️Joyous Body Protocol level 1

Where you learn Jbp for immune system, Divine and Earth Jbp and more!

Jbp needs no introduction but if you haven’t done the prereq class, it’s here for you;

❤️Light Key Intermediate Blueprint Course For Life and Beyond – V4

Where the core pen and paper practice goes another level with creative uses of Keys like Prosperity Key, Fame key, Love key and many more.

We have you covered with its prereq class Light Key Basic blueprint.

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Wishing you light and lightness,
Tamanna, Expert Healer
Team Light Key Academy