Upgrade your body and health – starting this week

Upgrade your body and health – starting this week

We are concluding the “Festival of Kindness” today and what an amazing journey it has been! We were touched and over whelmed with your feedback! You are welcome to watch replays and soak in the kindness attunements and healing sessions as many times as you like! Visit our YouTube channel ‘Nila Mystic TV’, subscribe and hit the Bell icon.

If you have known Nila…
Nila is an ‘out of the box, out of the world’ coach. You will always be pleasantly surprised in her presence. You won’t find the same ‘advice’ that you have heard before.

Oftentimes, you already know what is to be done to achieve what you want, and for some reason, you are not able to do it. And, you have perfectly valid reasons to not do it too. What next? Do you settle for the reason/circumstance? Or would you like to not only move beyond it but also create something extraordinary from it?

If you go with the second, then welcome to Nila’s world, where limitations are opportunities waiting to explode, your ‘impossible’ moves to the next level, and you will find yourself living an extraordinary life, should you choose.

Nila is facilitating the ‘Health and Body Intensive’ this month. It is a 4 call series (you can sign up for 1 too) where she will take you on an unconventional journey to explore what ‘Health’ is all about and what magic can you create with your BODY.

It is not a call where she dishes out nutrition advice or fitness tips.

You won’t improve your health. You will realize that you have created it, you have a choice and you can explode into a new realm of well – being and functioning!

What can you do with better health? Become happier? Be more, Do more? Achieve unimagined levels of productivity?

You live in your body day in and day out. Your health is a reflection of your relationship with your body. If health and body began working out for you, what limitlessness can you achieve?

The ‘Health and Body Intensive’ is a no brainer for everyone with a body. The Human Body is amazing and unexplored. It’s intelligence is still an enigma and science is increasingly recognizing the energetics of the Body! Energy is limitless, so can the body be!

If you are already on the edge and can barely wait for this adventure to start, sign up now:

Want a 30 second taster of what these amazing intensives are going to be about?

Watch this YouTube video – 3 Tips To Sterling Health:

Here is some feedback:
“Thank you Nila for today’s class it was a power pack call 🤩.. Blessed to get the Magic tools in our lives 💕Gratitude and Grateful”

“Oh My Goodness! Such a Powerful class! So many shifts already. I encourage you all to gift yourself this gift and opt for the class.😍😍”

 Don’t just improve your health, take a quantum leap into wellness!

We are welcoming JBP practitioners who are committed to take their practice to the next level.

Joyous Body Protocol (JBP) Level 1 is happening on the 12th April.
JBP enthusiasts will learn to add in the magic of Light Key frequencies and vortices. They will learn to do JBP for immunity, Divine JBP, Earth JBP, First Aid JBP. They will also use Lightlogues and Voretx of Light to well, do JBP like never before!

If you want to be the one having fun with all this magic of alchemizing bodies register here right away:

 Here is what people have experienced with Level 1 JBP!
“floating in space…need the milky way frequency do go back down.wow the energy is amazing, thank you so very much for everything”

“For me the energies are so intense I feel like sleeping,Thank you 🙏🏻”

“Thank you Nila and all amazing beings for creating this beautiful class.”

It’s an advanced class, so it has a few pre requisites. Go here if you are missing any, you will get a discount and get on the class as well:

New to Light Keys? Wondering what are they all about? What can you do with them?

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In Appreciation of You,
Team Light Keys Wellness System