Vibratory Upgrade For You – Attunements and Transmissions

Vibratory Upgrade For You – Attunements and Transmissions

Can Kindness Heal Family Ties?

Family is a space we spend a significant part of our lives in. Family plays an important role in shaping us and contributing to our mental health. What contribution can fulfilling family ties be for you? Easing out discord and disharmony can work magic for your family and life. What better medicine than kindness?! Watch Expert Healers Suguna, Tamanna and Anupama in Kindness Medicine for Healing Family Ties. Link is at the end.

Can Fame, Fortune and Stardom Be Your True Nature?

Do you have judgements about famous people? Is Fortune for a selected few? Can stardom lead you off spiritual path? Do these come at a cost?

What if they were a contribution to your spiritual journey? Could they be your true nature? Can they look different from how you imagine them to be?

Join Nila for Fame, Fortune and Stardom with Advanced Light Matrix Commands – Call and Workshop where she will lead the group to release all the unconsciousness around fame, fortune and stardom and invite lightness and creation with them.

Here is a feedback from previous advanced light matrix calls:

“Hello everyone
Yesterday I noticed my face had a nice glow. Today also as I woke up, I see a nice shine on my face and that got me thinking what have I done in these two days to bring this up. I finally blame the advanced Light Matrix command😇😃”

“Advanced Light Matrix Command Call by dear @Nila IH been such a tremendously powerful & potent class ..I was continuously shedding loads of tears ,yawning & my hands were tightly clasped throughout chanting thankyou Thankyou thankyou gratitude Nila I love you… each command when run I felt was channelised for me health, money, relationship and then the facilitations … Will not forget this call for a very long long time 🌟”

Get a powerful vibratory upgrade – Attunements

Attunements are energy transmissions from higher realms that bring about a vibratory reset for the receiver. They are powerful and can create profound shifts in areas of your life.

Expert Healers Tamanna, Anupama and Monika are offering the prosperity, well being and harmony attunements for you to move into a higher vibrational state.

All you need to do is to be open and receive them.

You can buy all three and save 18$

The 4th call of the Health and Body Intensive series is happening this week. The only pre requisite is a willingness to become aware of the unconsciousness you have around bodies and health and be open to transmute that energy.

Here is a feedback from the series:

“I have a share, last time the gratitude and receiving made a shift for me. I am diagnosed with dengue and the body is not in the best of the spirits, yet my attitude of gratitude has helped me recieve this situation with lightness😇”

“Acknowledging shift in my energy levels. so much better”

Receive From Ascended Masters

Nila is channeling transmissions from ascended masters St. Germain, Portia and Maha Shakti – Destroyer of Evil this may.

Master St. Germain is offering support for spiritual growth.

Master Portia is offering courage to move away from victimhood and find a new path.

Maha Shakti is the universal goddess energy that will clear out curses and evil intentions being projected at your body and the planet to bring out your shine.

You can opt for all the 3 and save 27$

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