Victimhood to Victorious

Victimhood to Victorious

How have you been?

I have been putting together some notes for the ‘Art of Facilitation‘ Class on 15th. I think I made a mistake of announcing it as a one-off class. It should have been a series I think 

These are 6 sections that will be covered in the call as of now:

1. You as a facilitator – What to be & do
2. Dynamics between you and your client
3. In the session – How to be & do
4. Your client’s journey from Victimhood to Victorious
5. Don’ts
6. Q & A

You will also receive high-level notes from this call.

Can you sense the energy of the class and how it can contribute to you and your business? When this call becomes a product, the price is going to be almost double. Please don’t join the call, if you are happy to play small and be hidden. If not, please feel free to jump in

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Until I meet you in the next newsletter, have loads of fun

In appreciation of you,