Manifest your Desires Using Kindness

Manifest your Desires Using Kindness

Did you know that kindness is a superpower that can dissolve all struggles and make this world a kinder and abundant place? If your universe was kind, how will your life be? Could tapping into kindness allow the world of your dreams manifest for you? Watch this beautiful facilitation by Nila to experience this joy. Link is given at the end.

Do you love struggle?

Have you choosen hardship to prove your value? If yes, you will find Rapid Response too easy to your liking because RRP dissolves the density in minutes. If you like to make a different choice to have more ease and peace, then, hop on to ‘The Rapid Response Protocol’ with Nila to learn this magical self-development tool to go on a ride of your life.

Too good to be true? Absolutely! A small requirement is the course pre-requisite, which are the yummy ‘Light Key Frequencies and Vortices for Limitless Reality’, that will take you to a 5 dimensional reality! You can get this class from the shop or from a facilitator

“I just love the simplicity of Rapid response protocol.. I have frequent headaches on and off.. and I have tried invoking different vortices for it.. today morning I woke up with it.. and I started thinking which protocol should I do ..and I had an awareness of the rapid response..and I did it..and the intensity went from 10-2 in few mins.. but the sheer simplicity of this protocol has my heart😇heartfelt gratitude @Nila IH for these magical tools🥰💕”

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Complete the prerequisites if you haven’t, and hop on to the world of Magic Wands!

Is it time to enjoy intimacy?

What is stopping you from receiving pleasure and bliss from every molecule around you? Release all the attachments to standards, concepts and people that prevent you from receiving with The Light Key Protocol for Intimacy

A live class with Nila with no pre-requisite! What magic can unfold for you here?

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Hang Out with Gods!

With the Light Keys, you have amazing company! If you would like to embark a meditative journey to the lands of the gods and goddesses, then we have the tickets for you! Buy business class at the cost of economy!

Why wouldn’t you fly?

Register for the Kindness Medicine gift call here to revel and experience the magic of kindness.

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