We are celebrating you today!

We are celebrating you today!

How have you been?
This is Suguna from IH team. I am excited to write to you today on behalf of the team!

What is your role in running the universe?

I used to think that it was selfish to love myself – let alone celebrate!
More-over, the voice in me used to ask – what was there in me for people to like? Am I the majestic, courageous personality for someone to admire? If others don’t like me, how can I love myself? My happiness was proportional to the ‘likes’ I got from outside – how ‘easy’ was that?

Thanks to the classes I attended and books I read, I chose differently, one day. I started to look inside me.

I was in for a surprise – shock, I could say – the ‘real’ me was not all beautiful. I realised how religiously I was holding onto my masks and how I enjoyed my victimhood stories. I resisted to acknowledge the real me – really resisted – and then the miracle began the moment I acknowledged my resistance!

I realise now that that was my first real step towards embracing my real self. Since then it has been a journey – a beautiful inward journey – and each step I started to love my true self, the beautiful and also the not-so-beautiful parts of me, a bit more.

I am glad I took the first step!

Would you be willing to do that and, in the process, find your authentic self? If yes, we invite you to join the group coaching call on ‘Celebrating you’ – with Star grids and Star matrix as companions and guides. This could your first step, which would change your life for ever.

This is an experiential call in which Nila will take you through a magical journey in the universe to uncover the truth about your authentic self. What if you are a star shining so bright that the beings in other planets are in awe of!

We are celebrating your contribution to the universe today! Feel free to jump into the party!

Exercise to go beyond lack
Here is another video with an exercise to go beyond lack:

What contribution can this be for you?

Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1
If you are looking for more clarity in the healing space , a sense of empowerment and would like to attract clients by functioning from a conscious space, this call is for you!


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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH team