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**We Are Gifting You** – Its our 2nd JBP Anniversary

**We Are Gifting You** – Its our 2nd JBP Anniversary

Kickstart the JBP (Joyous Body Protocol) Celebrations with a Free Group Healing Session by Facilitators Sunali, Ekta and Hematha and practitioners Namrata, Shivani, Michelle, Shobha and Vijaya. Group sessions are incredibly relaxing and offer a profound healing experience, should you choose to receive.

Zoom details are given at the end.

What is you last straw?

How have you been? Is everything under control? Control is tricky. It gives you an illusion that you drive things or people. Likewise, you also might be feeling that something or someone else has control over you! Is there joy in any of that?

What happens when the control slips out of your hand? Or you allow control to slip from your hands? Does it not give you a feeling that you have had the ‘Last straw’?

We invite you to step out from the resisting and controlling mode to one where you experience complete freedom to create as you wish!

How grand would it be if you did not need to control a relationship, how it shapes up or how you or someone else should behave? What partnership would it create between you and your spouse or kids?

What joy would your business be if it exploded to infinity, beyond your control? How many people would run it? How many people would you touch? How many lives would it change?

Are you willing to lose count? Then! ditch the control button and jump in here:

When you are happy and you know it, you have done JBP (Joyous Body Protocol) – 17th December – Celebrations Galore!

It’s the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of JBP and it is raining gifts!!!

Go here to register for the celebrations and take a look at the various gift offerings to celebrate JBP and say hurray!

We are listing the coupon codes for you here:

    1. 12$ discount on any purchase till the end of Jan – GIFT12$JBP
    2. 12$ discount to purchase any 4 lightlogues at 21$ – 4LL$12DISC

(Coupon expire on 31st Jan)

    1. Expert Healers get 24$ gift coupon – GIFT$24EH
    2. Additional 12$ coupon for Level 3 Expert Healers – GIFT$12EHL3

(Coupon expire on 31st Dec)

Does your energetic business match your physical business?
When your physical and energetic businesses are in alignment, it explodes and grows – even while you sleep!

If you are a beginner healer or therapist struggling to launch your business or a seasoned one who is overworked and struggling to keep up to be available to heal people, you can benefit from Business Elite. Let your contribution touch lives exponentially!

It is being offered at a great discount to contribute to you! Offer ends on 14th December.

Glow and Flow
If you didn’t age, would you resist time? If you didn’t resist time, would you flow with it and with life?

Keep up the glowing you and allow the abundance of life to flow to you – 6 products and 4 bonuses at an amazing price till 11th December. Buy Now and Save 113$:

Free Group Healing:
Topic: Light Key JBP Group Healing Free Session
Time: Dec 12, 2021 04:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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Meeting ID: 840 2761 8462
Passcode: 810026

JBP is going places! Find details for upcoming German JBP and Basic Frequencies Classes by facilitator Heidi Rast in German

JBP (Joyous Body Protocol) Class
Date and Time: Dec 11th, 2PM CEST

Light Key Basic Frequencies Class
Date and Time: Dec 12th, 11AM CEST

For more details contact
Heidi Rast
Tel.: +436765339474
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