Wear a Glowing Smile

Wear a Glowing Smile

Would you like to have glowing health? Could you gift a conducive environment for your body to glow and grow? Wellness is priceless. When you invest in wellness, you create a fulfilling life for yourself. Your time and energy free up for you to pursue your life’s interests and desires. Video link for this beautiful insight is given at the end.

What are you avoiding in life by creating dental issues? Are you resisting showing up?

Your smile is the reflection of how you project yourself to the world! Dental issues can mar people’s self confidence. People could also create these issues to avoid showing up! Is it time to let go of this unconsciousness and accept you as the gift you truly are?! Glow and Grow!!

Nila is facilitating a protocol that can help you grow body tissues and create an environment that is conducive to healing – ‘Light Key Protocol for Glow and Grow’. There is a free bonus class on Dental Health with this protocol!

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International Students’ Day – Calling all students of Planet Earth School!

With International Students’ Day around the corner, Nila is offering a free facilitation for students of ‘Ease and Grace’ protocol.

There are added bonuses as well!

A lightlogue for ‘Ease with learning’ and a ‘Letting the magic Shine’ audio loop that enables you to embrace your magic!

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Is your life a reaction or creation?

Oftentimes, we feel ‘hurt’ or ‘belittled’ or ‘wronged’. Our life decisions can be based around something someone did, or said, or a life situation. Is that empowering? Would this life creation be joyful for you?

Here is an opportunity for moving beyond this ‘action and reaction’ reality. If what happens outside of you, wouldn’t have any power over you, how liberating would it be? That is the power of forgiveness.

Would it create a financial reality that you desire? Would relationships show up, in a way that they create love, joy and abundance?

Stay in the ask and if you sense there is an opening here for you, here is an invitation for you to have more ease, peace and joy available for you.

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