Wear your Expert Crown — Great Savings inside

Wear your Expert Crown — Great Savings inside

It’s ok to feel this way! It’s ok to be me! All is well! Tap yourself into love with a simple technique in the video by Nila. Video is at the end.

Change your life game to one of self- love and lightness. If you have been looking for the elusive unconditional love, then look no further. Join Nila tomorrow for the Embrace Love with Advanced Light Matrix Command

The Advanced Light Matrix commands dismantle all the structures that hold your beliefs about love  in place that won’t allow you to experience it as it truly is, without the filters of this reality. Sign up now for changing the way life and love show up for us, and as you.

Some feedback from the past advanced light matrix clearing:

“Yesterday I noticed my face had a nice glow. Today also as I woke up, I see a nice shine on my face and that got me thinking what have I done in these two days to bring this up. I finally blame the advanced Light Matrix command😇😃”

“My whole body is vibrating like how! Very intense vibes flowing thru all the meridians.. when I started I had discomfort in my heart chakra area and later a sharp pain at physical heart area.. I thght am i getting an attack 🤣 I’m still vibrating.. What will show up I wonder..Ease Bliss Peace Possibilities🤩”

Healers and Therapists
Are you ready to rock the healing world as an ‘Expert Healer’?

What would it be like, if all that clients had to do to create shifts in their life was to spend 15 minutes with you and get attuned to the energies of harmony, well-being and prosperity? Or, get their vibe high with blessings that could turn their life around?

Check out the ‘Expert Unleashed’ that truly unleashes your potency as a healer which has the following contents:

You can get all of them for 399$ (not 444$) AND you get an additional 6% off on it. (You save about 69$).

It is not often that Nila offers such discounts on advanced Live courses. Join today!

Check these wonderful transmissions coming up in March. Allow the consciousness of Buddha and the love of Green Tara to bring you joy, happiness, health, protection to end fear and suffering.

Buy the ‘Medicine Buddha, Laughing Buddha and Green Tara’ transmissions at a great price.

Here are a few shares from the previous transmissions:

“Thank you Nila for the MMT energy transmission. It wa very powerful and we are lucky to receive it. 🙏💕”

“I felt my heart chakra just opened. 🥰So grateful ma’am 🙏🏻”

These transmissions are like being bathed with these energies if you are willing to receive. They are priceless. They raise your vibe and allow you to experience life differently. You can play these transmissions to receive the energies and allow you to flourish.

YouTube Video –  It’s ok to feel this way!

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What more magic can we create together?

In Appreciation of you,
Team IH