Weird and wonderful choice of not having a baby!

Weird and wonderful choice of not having a baby!

How are you doing?

Did you enjoy the Group Joyous body healing yesterday? It was amazing… here is some feedback:

“feeling light..had a sharp shooting pain on my right ovary and suddenly something shifted.been having a heavy head since morning… feeling lighter”

“Everytime we attend Group JBP I experience so much relief and feel good… thank you everyone.. Thank you Nirmala Ma’am.”

thank you 🙏🏻 I feel flowing light energy all around my heart

“Received clarity in some aspects.. Thank you so much…”

“Every time I see you I feel so connected and Divine healing happens”

I have included a clipping from last month’s coaching call at the end of this newsletter to feel energetic instantly!

Weird and wonderful choice of not having a baby!

This article may push your button left, right and center 🙂 If you choose to read, I request you to understand the essence of it – it is not about criticizing anyone – it is all about sharing my choice and the journey.

Right, I lost my baby after birth and it was a huge shock for me. My family and friends were anxious for me to have another baby so that my grief can be healed. It was not happening and I was also desperate. Somehow, situations moved us from place to place and I did not like the medical options available for us. Then, I made a conscious choice of leaving it as it is in spite of all the advice I received. At one point, I really was aware that I was actually enjoying not having children and right now I am even glad that I don’t have children.

I have always been a free spirit and not having children has given me such a freedom that I could not have imagined possible – I changed my career seven times without having to worry about my obligations to my family. I have been able to go on business trips and roam around the world whenever I want, where ever I want without having to worry about the little ones to look after. I have been able to write or meditate without having the need to feed the little mouths. Yes, I absolutely enjoy freedom. When people ask me how many children I have, I am able to say with a huge smile ‘about 7 billion and counting’.

There are still people who keep their pregnancy and childbirth a secret from me. I am able to completely understand their concern – it is not about me, it is about their fear of ‘evil eye’, their fear of my feelings being hurt – I am in total allowance. I celebrate every birth because it means that little piece of divinity is coming through in the human form. I love babies so much so that just a glimpse of a baby expands my universe exponentially. Yes, I enjoy all the babies without having one. How lucky am I!

I can also see things changing – at least a few people acknowledged from the heart how lucky I am to have such freedom! A wise lady once told me, “If you don’t have children, it is just one thing to worry about. If you have children, there are a thousand things to worry about”. Profound, indeed!

There are still people who worry about me and shed tears that I do not have children to look after me. If children are seen as an insurance policy for old age, I’m sorry, I am not reducing birth to that really. However, I must tell you about the global family I have now – people in about 40 countries who practice light keys – a modality channeled by me, celebrate me with my good, bad, and all ugliness 🙂 – more than my blood family does for me, really. So, the universe that has given me such abundance will look after me, don’t you worry 🙂

Through the brave choice, I found my freedom. There are other weirdos like me who choose differently too – people who choose to be single, who choose a profession of their passion, choose to acknowledge their own truth no matter what – We are all not wrong. We are just different. If everyone follows the same path, who is going to find the new ones? Perhaps, weirdos like us do and show some new possibilities!

We are ok, more than ok 🙂 Don’t you worry!

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