Weird and Wonderful!

Weird and Wonderful!

Hi dear ones,

Apologies for not writing for long!

I went through a phase of not wanting to do anything. Thanks to Access Consciousness tools, went from that to this all of a sudden (From my FB status):

//In one week I have done graphics work, prepared advt captions, facilitated sessions over phone, run hands on energy processes, generated content for a website, tested mobile apps, prepared requirements document for a mobile app, came up with some ideas for mobile apps, gave proposal for a website, evaluated resources, transcribed videos, facilitated a bars class, lead awareness development circle, arranged a foundation class, translated some material, edited some articles… wondering what else is possible!//

Well, that’s me, right! 🙂

Interestingly, Narmadha Akshat Pratap, a renowned healer from India also shared a similar pattern he went through in December. I caught up with him for a very interesting conversation where we talked about the energies of 2014 and his new work on activating golden frequency. Narmada has also gifted us golden frequency activation. How does it get any better than this? You can listen & receive from here:

Birth of a new weird & wonderful work! 

After all, the phase of not wanting to do anything was a birthing process of a new energy that is creating huge shifts for me and others. Basically, my awareness about the clutter in the body and life has gone through the roof. When I work on people, I am able to see clearly where they are hiding their limitation and the story behind the limitation. By bringing these to the receiver’s awareness and encouraging them energetically (not verbally) to release these gently, I am able to witness huge changes. This process can be received in person or remotely. In a short period, I have got very interesting feedbacks from the receivers of this session. I am sharing just a couple of them.

“Magic Lady! That’s how i would describe beautiful Nimi. I had a terrible pain in my back for years. Over time I saw all kinds of healers, shamans and Dr’s and nothing really helped, I thought I would have to live with that constant pain.Then I saw Nimi and in a casual 15 minutes she fixed it! Im now pain free! Now If that isn’t magic I don’t know what is!” – N.V ~ UK.

“Thanks again Nila for another wonderful healing session. These sessions are unlike any healing I have experienced before…it is like 3 dimensional healing and we could both see the past life images, which was amazing What a fabulously gracious and intuitive healer! how lucky am I?” X Sha

What else is possible?

Now, help me name this work – what can I call this session? People are referring to this as ‘the new thing’… hehe… what would this session like to me named?

If you are interested to book a session, please feel free to do so through our website:

Why is Access foundation my favourite class! 

I really do not have to explain why I love the foundation class so much, if you watch this 2.5 min video:

Would you like to experience this expansion?

This is what a participant mailed me after the last foundation class:It was a thorough fun.

//Hi Nimi, I just wanted to tell you that the clearing & choosing a money making outfit worked! All my invoices were suddenly paid today Look very much forward to Level 1// Would you like to choose empowerment over limitation for you?

Did you know that Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness is facilitating level 2/3 classes from March 7th in London? These classes are amazing – very expansive! Access bars, foundation & level 1 are prerequisites for this class. It is not too late! You could still join me for my foundation/L1 from March 1st and catch up with Gary after that. How does it get any better than this?

Classes in Lisbon! 

Hoo hoo… Portugal wants some Access Classes. How does it get any better than this? I am doing a free online Access workshop on March 5th for people in Portugal. If you know someone, please feel free to ask them to register:

Restarting the teleclasses soon! 

After going quiet on the clearing circle and telecalls for a couple of months, I have so many ideas for new calls and circles

Coming soon:

– Life of Play, Fun & Joy!

– Money Awareness Development Circle

– Free clearing circles

Would you like me to create classes in any specific topic? Please let me know.

If you are new, you may like to have a look at the shop for the past classes:

I will catch up with you somewhere some time soon. Till then, keep rocking!

Infinite gratitude,

Nimi/ Nila