What are you demonstrating with your life?

What are you demonstrating with your life?

How have you been? What magic have you created since I wrote to you last? I have been creating like crazy… how does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

Miracle story:

I have a capacity to sense babies coming in to the world even before they are in the womb. There have been so many experiences where the couple gave up hope aligning with the medical opinion but I was able to sense the babies that were coming through. When these babies are born, it brings me such joy and I am able to communicate with them right away.

Recently, a client of mine messaged me that her due date for delivery was in the middle of October but I straight away knew that it was going to be on 4th of October and the little one came through on 4th! That’s not all. He was not named for a few weeks and I kept getting a name in my awareness. When his parents sent me a list of names they were considering that name was not on it. I was a bit surprised but did not say anything. When his father asked me for an appointment to finalize a name based on numerology, this name flashed again. Guess what, the second list his father sent had that name on it and it stood out numerologically amongst all the others and it was chosen by his parents too! What a clever baby!

He exactly knew how to manipulate his parents to get the name he wanted 🙂 Are you willing to manipulate people? How many of you have charge around the word manipulation? Hmm… perhaps, we need a class! I do an online class called Empowered Babies to create ease for babies and their parents. Who are all interested?

Tool of the day:

What are you trying to demonstrate through your life? What is the underlying theme there? When I asked this question to one of my clients she said that she wanted to demonstrate to the world why people should be kind. And how did she do it? By torturing herself and being miserable. What are you trying to prove constantly that keeps you creating and recreating the same limitations over and over again? What if you don’t have to prove anything to anybody?

What would you be creating then? If you don’t need anybody’s approval, how would your body be? What would you be doing? How would your life be? Just get the energy… would you like to choose more of this? Hope you are enjoying and benefiting from the audio clearing loops I have been sending. It’s time for the next one and I would like to know what you like to receive next. Would you write to me?

I have ‘Expanding beyond boundaries’ & ‘Bursting out of Victimhood’ in the list. Is there anything else you would like to receive?

Seducing Money:

As the last ‘Seducing money’ class created so much change, I am is willing to offer MORE – as always! Part-2 has been announced! There is no continuity problem. You can do Part-2 even if you have not done Part-1. It is just additional information and so you can take this. Last class was about having money as your lover and how you being you, by being the sexualness that prevails in the nature, you can be in communion with money & receive money. In this class, let’s talk about having multiple lovers… how many of you froze when you read that? Lol!!! Are you being loyal to one profession/one source to create money? Would you like to create multiple revenue streams? What other sources are available that you are not considering?

Join this fun class to learn more… Are you willing to have multiple partners in creating and generating more money? Let’s learn who/what you can partner with that you have ignored so far… Are you willing to be so attractive that everyone likes to work for/with you in expanding your wealth? Join us to clear your resistance to show up… What else will show up in the class?

Are you willing to be the co-creator of this class just by being present? http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/events/ If you like to purchase Part-1, you can go here: http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/shop/ There are many new classes added to the shop as well.My favourite is ‘Intimacy with Ease’. What is yours? What else is new?

Did you know that we have released a new mobile app on Android for creating more money?

Did you also know that we have so many free mobile apps in the store?

Infinite gratitude,