What can you receive from rejection?

What can you receive from rejection?

How are you? Are you choosing more and more inner freedom? Let’s have some more insights for expanding, shall we?

Receiving from rejection

What does “Rejection” trigger in your world? How much of it do you handle with emotional reaction?

If someone bypasses you, do you feel disrespected?

If someone does not respond to your text message, do you feel neglected?

If someone does not acknowledge your work, do you feel invalidated?

How much of a self-judgment do you associate with “Rejection” by someone else?

How easily do you go into blame, shame, regret and get hurt?

What if you don’t need to go into wrongness with “Rejection”?

What if you can receive everything as feedback?

What if “Rejection” is a way of your knowing telling you that it’s not a contribution to you?

What if “Rejection” by someone else is just awareness of what is happening in their worlds and it may not have anything to do with you?

What else can you acknowledge about “Rejection” that you never considered so far?

Welcome to “Going beyond Rejection”


What if awareness is wealth, health and everything you desire

As the times are intense, wouldn’t it be amazing if you know what/when/how to do?  What if through awareness you can have anything you desire? We have been practicing awareness development exercises in groups since February and here is what some practitioners say:

My whole body is jumping with joy right now, after the ADC. She ( Nila) is magic and she will bring out the magic you be.”

It’s one of my favourite calls. My psychic level has developed so fast and I’m so happy with the exercises and meditations that Nila teaches us.I’m all for these calls. Those missing out are really missing out so much magic. I’m all for these calls. Gratitude Nila.🙏 “

My awareness level has gone up. For example, I know what someone will say, before they open their mouth. I know exactly what is going to happen in any situation in my life. Many such things.I can sense things before it takes form. People, please choose this.”

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What more magic can we create together?

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