What can you receive from the lightlogue?

What can you receive from the lightlogue?

How are you doing?

Have you ever experienced “lightlogues”?

“Lightlogues” are divine art forms infused with light keys, light key frequencies, and color frequencies. They are an invitation from the universe for us to open and receive. They establish a personal connection – like a 360-degree portal – with the universe. You can receive messages and information from the universe any time you like through these art forms. You can also receive from the lightlogue by touching it, gazing at it, and meditating and coloring it. You may watch this video.

“What do you receive from lightlogues?”

We have weekly lightlogues in August with themes such as receiving, releasing stuckness, ease and embracing your greatness.

We have most awaited advanced class coming up in this week.

“Conscious Embodiment” class on 21st August.

This class is like a mini retreat where you can safely explore your choices and step up to embrace more possibilities as an infinite being with the cozy company of light keys and frequencies. Also new process from star grid that can benefit anyone who has fears/patterns on genetically transmitted issues.

“Star glow facial with elements of light” on 27th August.

Well, it’s not all about how you look. Glow and shine from inside and out. The new element of the universe revealed by the Arch angel Metatron will remove any inculcated, absorbed and embedded energies from your system! This is pretty deep & powerful!

For the first time, we have “Light medicine experience” on 26th August.

Light Medicine is about transforming and transmuting the energy through Light Key frequencies and processes in order to create light and lightness across the body. This is a journey of developing your body to be a vehicle of light on the planet. In this experiential session, Nila will lead and Light Medicine practitioners will get together and perform this healing procedure on the group of participants that can help to release acquired impurities and reset itself to a state of purity, the being and body desires.

Like every month we are having Awareness Development Circle 5D Intensive on 14th and 28th August.

In these fortnightly calls, we walk through the practices to raise your vibration to prepare for 5D.

And like every month we have Free group coaching call on 25th August.

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We cordially invite you to join our ‘Light key mastery’ public group with Nila/Nimi.



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