What does a question bring?

What does a question bring?

When I started Access Consciousness, asking questions did not seem to work for me. I was puzzled and to some extent irritated when facilitators kept insisting to ask questions. Well, being a very good student (??!!Let us debate about this later :-)), I kept asking and things have started to show up in amazing speed.

Let me give you some interesting examples.

One fine morning after a very expansive healing session, I posted this message in the facebook:

//Though my calendar is filling up fast, I so feel like giving more and more healing sessions as I seem to expand continuously after each session…. Wow… how wonderful it is to be of a contribution! What does it take for the people who are looking for me & vibrationally compatible to show up? What energy, space, consciousness can I be for the world today? What ECS can you be for my reality today?//

In 3 hrs time, I got a call from a lady who simply said, “I want to have a session with you”. I was so surprised and asked her how she found me. She said, “Well, you showed up on the ineternet!” That was not all. After I used up my “gym” hour for her, I got another call within a few minutes. The lady said her sister just had a session with me and referred her to me…. Isn’t it a ‘wowwww’? If you think that’s the best thing that could happen… just wait. The very next day, my love for babies showed up and I was craving to hold a baby. You know what I did  – yes, you know me now – I asked a question ‘what does it take to hold a baby’

Next day when I went for Access consciousness level 1 class, guess what, who showed up? 1 year old Gaby…. woohoooo…. Gaby came to the class with his mom and was such a friendly baby. I could hold him and play with him as long as I wanted :-))) What a miracle!!! Now my next question is  – What contribution can I be for all of the readers to live their life in total joy? 🙂

Sending you lots of love, light, laughter and joy