What does your body mean to you?

What does your body mean to you?

What does your body mean to you? Most of the people are conditioned to detest the body and settle into expecting suffering from the body. Do you resonate with this? Read on

If you have such beliefs, according to the law of attraction, that is what you will create exactly. The whole purpose of your journey on the planet is experiencing the universe through the body.

Would you like to shift into having ease and joy with the body? What if you can experience ecstatic living in the body? You can create this shift with a simple 11-day practice. Join me on 12th Jan to learn the powerful joyous body protocol.

See what others say about this protocol:

Today completed 11 days. This protocol gave me a miracle reducing the pain in my back and hip by 80% I was having It for years I would say at least 10 yrs. A stubborn pain where I can hardly sit for half an hour. But now I can sit for a long time. Thank sis Nila so much for the opportunity.

I was doing joyous body protocol and when I was on tailbone I have done the key with the intention. I have given some good amount of money to one of my friends and I was trying to connect with him for the same but he was not giving me money back, so I drew the key with the same intention and then had a conversation him and you won’t people he has transferred the half amount. And the remaining amount he will transfer in next month

I traveled abroad for vacations for 10 days. My bowel movement becomes so tough, I have to take laxatives always on my trips. This time, it was miraculous.No laxative, easy evacuation. Thank you, Nila so so much. And to each one for sharing and encouraging

I am teaching this protocol on 12th Jan perhaps for the last time because this is going to become a product in the near future.

If you like to embrace the embodiment and have a joyful journey on the planet, please feel free to join me


I have also done a video on healing bodies. Please have a look:

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I look forward to seeing you in class.

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