What gifts can you receive from the Planet?

What gifts can you receive from the Planet?

How have you been?

Did you know you can receive from our planet earth as much as you can receive from your mom? If your mom is rich like the planet, would you not be demanding to receive from her? What if you can receive the same way from mother earth too? However, you would have to ask, be in alignment to receive – even if mother earth is happy to gift.

Are you wondering where you are – w.r.t your connection with earth? Answer simple questions asked in the video(link at the end) and find out. The video also contains beautiful simple exercises to ground. Our favorite is the butterfly touch – find out what is yours. Join in, play along and establish your connection with mother earth, and be supported.

How about clearing programs which are preventing you from establishing your deep connection with mother earth? If you would like to dig deep – the course below is for you.

Synchronizing the body with earth for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Have you experienced that feeling of liberation when you walk along a beach, river or just by the trees? There might have been days when you noticed – actually acknowledged the peace which emanates from nature. These are profound moments where you feel one with nature. Most of the time we don’t go beyond those accidental encounters.

What if there is a way to intentionally connect with mother earth? We invite you to experience that connection via this call – to connect more deeply with mother earth and receive her contributions to enhance your living on earth in all aspects – health, wealth, and happiness.

“Synchronising the body with earth call was amazing. I felt the vibrations so strong I had to go out for a walk even though it was raining and cold( I normally prefer to stay warm even if there is slightest of chillness). I kept repeating the words love you to all the trees on the path and also stood in the rain, cold mud for couple of minutes barefoot – the feel was amazing. I repeated the light phrase too, loads of release, and had a good sleep! Thanks, Nila for this wonderful call.”

You also receive earth chakra activation and a lightlogue to connect more deeply with mother earth. Click below to purchase the recording and open up your connection with the planet.

Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for body, life and beyond (Certified)

Would you like to call upon magical frequencies to support you in any situation you would like help/guidance? How would you like to experience using a magic wand to create magic? We invite you to receive your magic wands – from Nila herself, a rare opportunity to learn this from the Magic Lady. Nila rarely does the entry-level class and so, you might like to jump in if you are on the fence.

Practitioners have been so creative in using these frequencies to unlock so many possibilities in their life.

“I did my Basic Light Key Frequencies …First day I was feeling bit heavy but that was actually the sign that something that I am holding on was ready to leave me and also I was ready to let go, Since the light key has been a part of my life, I am experiencing magic, the animal related to light frequencies in the module have been all around me. Love, Life, and Light to all, Thank you✨💫🌟😇”

Choose to tune into the magical frequencies of the universe to create a great shift in your body, life, and being!

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What Gifts Can You Receive from the Planet!

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