What happens when a 97 year old God Father receives JBP?

What happens when a 97 year old God Father receives JBP?

We hope this email finds you happy and smiling. If you find yourself triggered or craving for happiness, then go watch this video by Nila to move into a happy space instantly and unconditionally! Nila walks you through an EFT routine in this video to create happiness just like that! No more relying on people, food or things to get happy. You can demand and enjoy them for the love of them instead! Link for the video is given at the end.

Have you signed up for the Joyous Body Protocol (JBP) class happening on the 21st yet? That’s today! In case you are still in 2 minds, here is an uplifting story by facilitator Karen Leslie. Karen ran the JBP every day for her 97 year old godfather, every day for a year. Watch this video to know what happened next.

Here is the link for this magical class. Your life probably won’t be the same after this class. Life might just open up for you in unimaginable ways. Excited to go places?

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If you are reading this newsletter, chances are, that you are inquisitive about the ‘truth’ or self realization.

While you are busy managing your family, kids, daily chores, your job, business, spouse, boss, bills and the like, a part of you knows it does not have to be this difficult. Life is not meant to be a struggle. You don’t have to drag yourself and be in survival mode. Yes, your Source knows that! When you are aligned with the Source, life flows, you glide through life like a charm and you thrive effortlessly!

Join Nila for a guided  journey to align with your Source and learn to effectively employ the elements of the Universe to benefit you.

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