What if cause and effect are not true?

What if cause and effect are not true?

How have you been? 

Most healing modalities follow either of these paths:

1) Clearing the energy that’s limiting you being the master of your universe
2) Creating or instilling the energy of what you desire

Both work wonders. However, there is a danger in the first method because you might get yourself stuck in the cause-effect paradigm. What happens is that you use the limiting energy as a reason and justification to keep your limitation in place, if you are not aware.

I have seen people frantically looking to ‘clear’ their baggage – I used to be one of them and so, I know how stuck you can get.

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, asked us a question once that struck me like a thunderbolt:

If you are not in a rabbit hole, can you get out of it?

If you ponder this question, you will get how profound it is!

At the same time, if you have too many limiting beliefs or stuck energy, you may not even have the inspiration to go into the 2nd method of choosing something new. And hence, I recommend a balance between these two. In my private sessions, I assess my client’s energy and use these accordingly. I always lead them towards the 2nd method because it is very empowering.

The Light Key healing system has tools for both of these methods of healing. There are 3 prominent frequencies we use and one of them, the rainbow ray frequency clears limiting stuck energy while Golden earth frequency creates prosperity and vitality. These frequencies are so potent and the application of them is very simple. See what people say about them:

I am practising rainbow ray frequency protocol for my health issue. I suffered a lot before that. Now it is easier for me. Pain reduced. I hope if I practice daily it will cure completely. I can see this change in my eyes. Thank you!

I burnt my lip with hot oil and I used this process. It was healed immediately

A few days into doing the JBP (in addition to the practice with Master Key, Kindness Key and Health Key), I noticed the following: 

1. Food – My body didn’t like meat and eggs (I felt nauseous when I smelt meat and when the food dish contained eggs).

2. Health – I was drawn to look for information to detox. Checked out Ayurveda but left it as that. I’ve been looking for a wholistic dentist in Singapore for a while now and I made an appointment with her. Thought I was going in for just teeth cleaning and a consult on my jaw but this led to a consult on my overall well-being. I got the information that the body is acidic and there are heavy metals, and I’m now on homeopathy to detox and also prepare for the removal of the amalgams.

3. I am now even more aware of the tightness of my jaw and the extent to which I’ve been clenching my teeth when I sleep due to the stress at work. In the recent 2 days, I’ve been doing the Rainbow Ray Frequency and calling up Waves of Kindness. The tightness has reduced slightly but the tension is still pretty pronounced that I can’t ignore it. So I’ll be continuing with releasing this area.

4. Body Movement – I’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle and in the recent few days, I find that the resistance to exercise has disappeared. I’ve started walking – tried in nature and in the city and exploring other body movements.

5. Emotions – Been addressing the emotions as they come up with the Light Keys Frequencies”

I felt 100% a part of the class remotely.
Nila made us feel just as engaged as the people in the room with her.
And 100% felt all the energy and clearings and healing…
I will be watching the recording cause, for me, it was in the middle of the night.
And I know from past classes, Recordings are just as effective

I invite you to join this certification class and add some more empowering tools to your healing tool kit:


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